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Easter pics? Yes or no?

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During Easter on Sunday, do any of y’all dress up at church and take pictures with your step kids as a family? Or is that too cliche?


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Idk, don't you have a known picture addiction? Do what you want but from your post history this has been an issue. If this will be the first one in a while, and you have been doing well thus far, i'd say it might be like saying "just this one drink will be ok."

I hope things have been going well for you. You haven't posted in a while. Just know that you matter just as much as everyone else in your family and it's ok to speak up if something bothers you. 

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We do, but there is no obligation to. Our church has had a photo op thing for a long time now and it is kind of fun. 

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No. I hope you kept your therapy appointment and that the therapist is familiar with step situations. Pictures have been an issue with you. 

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Have you started therapy yet? This is an honest question. I hope, for your sake, that you have started to take steps to deal with this issue.