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Caught BM lying to Judge and GAL and her own Lawyer in Court and a bit of Advice needed!

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So during the hearing a few days ago the judge was trying to schedule a hearing date for the Contempt Motion on BM. He stated a certain date in feb with a time. BM replies that she will not be able to make that time as SS has a counseling appointment. GAL told her "you need to be here have your dad take him" which she said ok. Well DH goes to meet with the Director of said counseling center today to discuss the screening results and for him to give his input on the precipitating factors. So when he was there he asked what time his appointment was on said day that BM had Stated in the hearing. The therapist looked very confused and stated that there was no further appointments made. DH got copies of the screening and took it to the GAL and told her that there was no appointment like BM had stated in court. GAL picked up phone called the Counseling center and verified this right then. Needless to say the GAL is very very upset right now }:)

Oh and once again we were blocked from visitation because rather than last night she wanted to reschedule for my DH to pick SS up from school which goes on in to our weekend. This was so she could have her BD party last night. DH agreed. These changes were made on Thurs morning. Then low and behold she tells him today no that he cant pick him up from school because she has family in town. DH replied that he had planned his day and appointments around picking SS up from school that she could not change it now it was supposed to be 24hrs notice. But this BM dont care.....basically told him that they would be following "her modified parenting plan" from now on which is every 1st and 3rd weekend and Thursday nights from 5:30 to 7:30 and if he tried to pick SS up from school she would call the authorities for parental kidnapping. :sick:

This is why we tried following the plan as ordered by the court on Wednesday night visitations by sending her lawyer a letter stating her propensity of calling the police when alternate arrangements were made.

So now my question to yall. My DH plans on showing up at SS Church on Wednesday with the Sherriff to enforce his Wednesday night visitation.....
do you think that will be bad for SS?? Remember we have documented proof from a therapist that SS is suffering from adjustment disorder due to not being able to see his dad enough.


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Will the sheriff enforce that? Where I live law enforcement will not get involved unless there is some immediate life threatening danger, they will tell you it is a civil matter that needs handled in family court.

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Well she called them one time when we had him at a rodeo because it was not DH court appointed time and they told us to leave. so then I gues DH can go to church and get him? They cant do anything about it since it is his court ordered time.

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Same here. The police will not involve themselves for visitation unless its the CP saying the NCP had kidnapped the child.

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From what I have heard they only get involved if the CP needs to get the kids back and they have full documentation that the children are supposed to be returned at that time.

I had to do that with my ex 2 times. He locked himself and my son in the car once, and both my kids at his GF's house another time. It was nasty and took a very long time to get them both times. The police don't want to upset the children so they do A LOT of talking first.

I don't think that they will do anything other than file a report stating that you tried to get the kids and she wouldn't give them to you. It might help for proof in court but I think that you guys have enough going for you and the visitation refusal department that you don't need police. It really is upsetting to the kids. Mine had nightmares for weeks both times.

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We did not do it. We really dont want to upset SS anymore than necessary. We have stuck with "her" visitation schedule, and when she F's things up we document. We just have to hold out to July and pray to god the judge sees her vindictive manipulative criminal negelctful ways for what they are.