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O/T it had to laugh at this

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DH and I have a group of close friends we have vacationed with, spent time with for about 6 years. We used to be even closer but a few years ago one woman in the group, I will call karen, for jealous that I and another woman ( her supposed BFF) were hanging out too much.  Now this bff and I live next door to each other and Karen lives in another town and the bff and I were working out together.  Karen was invited to join us but never did. 

Long story short, tension started within the group due to Karen and we no longer spend as much time all together as Karen has made it clear she only wants to hang with her bff and her hubby.  

A few years ago the rest of the couples had bought campers (a different times) and like to spend time camping.  Not necessarily together always but a few times a year maybe.  Karen has complained for two years she feels left out because she doesn’t have a camper.  Now let me start by saying Karen has a very good job and makes probably what DH and I make together.  Her DH doesn’t make much income at all as he is retired.    So Karen is whining about all of us camping together ( maybe twice a year) without her.  

It took her two years to talk her DH into getting an RV.   Ow Karen always has to have bigger and better.  We all have modest campers that fit our needs but nothing extreme.  Nope not Karen.  That isn’t good enough.

Karen went out this weekend and bought a camper that cost more than my first home.   She paid $65000.00 for an RV that neither she or her DH know how to drive just so she can camp with her Bff maybe 3-4 times a year.   

Wth is she thinking???  She couldn’t settle for something used or more manageable just to see if she would even like camping.  Nor did she consider renting a camper for a weekend to see how she would like it! 

Nope she went straight for the big boy RV and has no clue what she is doing.

Im gonna go grab my popcorn and watch the madness unfold this summer!

Good going Karen, go bankrupt just so I won’t spend too much time one with your bfff!!!


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Do you think you can set up a hidden camera for the first time they have to "dump" their black and grey water?

Or..perhaps a video of their first attempt to put the RV in a spot.. a sure divorce in the making lol

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i haven’t even considered that!  Bahahahaha!!

Her DH is a neat freak!  He probably won’t ever let her use the toilet in the RV.  Hahaha. Yup a $65000 glorified tent on wheels.  Her ass will

be trudging to the bathhouse just to pee!!  Hahahaha

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We have an RV ourselves.. it's an older Class A and does have a bathroom and shower.  We don't use the toilet.. just the shower and sinks.. and go to the bathhouse for our business.  We have found that especially with older RV's.. there ends up being an odor issue.. even if you dump and flush regularly.

But.. yeah.. and RV is not for the faint of heart at

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We have a very nice camper With a full bath but we only #1 and no #2 in the cAmper.  And yes you have to watch it or they will

have a sewer smell.  

Her DH has. I clue how to dump the tanks.  Karen’s Bff’s husband is already peeved because he knows he is going to be stuck doing it all for them since Karen’s DH is clueless!   I can barely stand to be around Karen and her DH due to her pettiness but I would pay money to camp with them the first time this summer!  

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Ah, ye olde oneupmanship! I will never understand it.

Bets on how long it is before Karen or Mr. Karen dents/wrecks that $$$ RV?

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I know there will be at least one occasion where we will be camping as a group and I cannot wait to see the mess.  If I was really a Bi”@h I would make sure #2 in their toilet and not tell them.  But I can’t do that.  I may dislike Karen for breaking up our friend group but not even I can do that.   

But I’m not opposed to videoing her DH try to park that sucker in a spot and hook it up! *biggrin*

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"Well now that there is an RV, don't you going falling in love with it, we're taking is with us when we leave here in the spring!"
"Sh*tter was full!"
I would have just called her Cousin Etta!

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Arrrr!!!  You beat me to it.  LOL    It is people like this woman who scare the bejesus out of me on the highway.  You never know who is driving those things but it is a reasonable guess that they only do it a couple times a year.  They are an accident waiting to happen.  I get away from them as quickly as possible!

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Maybe she will think that the RV is equipped with "autopilot "..set the cruise control and leave to make a sandwich in the galley while cruising down the interstate.TRUE (urban)STORY.


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Like I said, I’m not exactly sure if her income but even if it is a a bit more than my DH and I combined, she is in deep. My house is cheaper, only one car payment, and no credit cards.   Her house is more expensive, she bought TWO brand new cars over the last year and a used sports car AND and new motorcycle two years ago.  Oh and a costly vacation condo (paid way too much) last summer.  There is no way in hell she is not way over her head in debt.   All to show us all up.  


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WOW!! Well, when the payments get to be too much, they can just move into the RV when the house is foreclosed on. Please - if you get to go camping with them - keep us posted on how do everything wrong! LOL

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I anticipate a few updates to this saga.  I’m sure the first update will involve where they think they are going to park that bad boy....they don’t have a big enough driveway and Karen’s DH would NEVER allow it to be on their grass.   

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This is hilarious!  That RV cost more than my home right now!  That is crazy!  How dare you spend time like that with her BFF, she showed you! *ROFL*

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She sure did!   I have learned my lesson.


Haha!  Maybe I should say I am going to buy an airplane so her BFF and I can travel and see if she goes out and buys one first!!  

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I think I will begin the search for a yacht

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Does her bff know how crazy jealous Karen is?

If Karen were  truly a bff to this friend, she would only want the best for her, to include friendships with other people too... like you.

I could never be bff with someone who has jealousy issues. That is just repulsive. I think I just might let my friend know how insanely jealous Karen is... you know, in a roundabout way, slipped into conversation somewhere...

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The bff mentioned a few times how Karen felt left out when we were working out together.  She initially rolled her eyes like it was crazy.  Then Karen started inviting the bff and her hubby to vacation and keeping it secret from the rest of the group.   This happened many times.  The rest of us caught on pretty quick.  I tried to talk to bff about the craziness but by then bff had pulled away to make Karen happy.  

We all still see each other on occasion but not nearly like we used to.  BFF pretends nothing is wrong and Karen acts fake. 

But everyone sees Karen as a one upper diva with major jealousy issues.