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Part II - BioMom flipping out because we are having baby...

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Here comes the update. BM finally let kids go out with their dad, just so long as I was not with them. He agreed so that he could try to counter act the poison that she is pumping in them. He took them out to dinner then to do some window shopping. They talked and he said that it went really well. When he came home he said that his oldest daughter told him to tell me hi and that she liked the name Hailey Rose. That to me really meant a lot. It kind of makes me feel like she is coming around, and once BM figures out that her bitching is not going to change anything she will back off. As far as her saying she is going to take daddy back to court for more child support, that she somehow thinks she is going to get like $1,200.00 for two kids (one that may not even be his. If she keeps it up that truth will come out of the closet too.) I spoke to a lawyer and based on the amount of time we have the kids the amount he already pays and the fact he pays 100% medical cost she is going to wish she didn’t open that can of worms. Today we woke up and kids are out of school today so they called first thing asking if they could come over. It almost feels like this storm is almost over... Time to enjoy shopping for the new baby girl only 4 months left. It will be nice that the kids will be able to help decorate and help make choices on how to decorate the nursery... The kids cannot be blamed for the actions of their mother, we can only try to guide them to safer waters...


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Well try to remember those words because I used to love my skids and their BM has made things so horrible that I can barely stomach them anymore, I used to think it wasn't their fault and I just had anger towards their BM but after them being so mean disrespectful and rude to me....I can't even stomach all started falling apart when my 3yoBS was born, they were so mean to him pinching him hurting him ...yes when he was a newborn...and they are still doing mean things to him and my if you can stay strong and try to keep the blame solely to the BM I praise you, good luck:)

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This what I am afraid of. The skids (ss2 and ss5) are already pretty bad to each other. DH wants to have a baby (and so do I) but I am afraid they will be influenced by BM's negativity and torment it the way they torment each other, only worse.