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Pet Visitation

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Ok here is a good youngest SD is in the midst of a snit because we said that no her lizard could not attend her visitation. At the time of the offending "no" we had her 2 cats and gerbil already residing with us. She had a cat and a dog at her mom's house. And she knew that her daddy didn't like lizards to begin with. He didn't purchase it and had not given any permission to bring it back and forth. Does anyone have a traveling zoo? I'm just curious. I had no idea that skids were this devious. By the way, we live in my house from before I married her daddy. I told him to say no if he didn't want the lizard visitation. I don't mind critters...but no is an acceptable word in my vocabulary.


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Oh...and we live about 3 miles from mommy and big sister dragged her home almost daily so her beloved pets are not far...and she is 17 not 5.

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... back about 2 years, we had the traveling fish... I kid you not - a fish... and it died at his father's house... Stoopid.

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BM gifted a yellow lab to SS15 a couple of years ago. SS15 and BM insisted on putting the dog in our vehicle for normal visitation, so that SS and the dog would continue their bonding. The dog was a perfectly sweet house guest, SS didn't pay any attention to him so DH and I had to bring him out to potty, feed and water him. Couldn't get SS to lift a finger about his dog, he screamed at me when I suggested he get off the computer games to feed his dog. Lesson learned.

When we dropped them off, BM actually came out to greet us. I told her that the weekend didn't go as she had planned. SS wasn't taking responsibility for his dog. The dog was well behaved and sweet as can be but without SS being responsible the dog was not a welcomed visitor in our home. On the way home I looked at DH and told him that the dog was a much better guest than his son, he agreed.

BM tried to get the dog in our vehicle one more time. DH and I both told her no, it wouldn't happen again. She pouted. F her!

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This has been an over 2 year pout. ugggh... but on the bright side...the lizard hasn't visited.