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For anyone still around who knows my story, I was asked for an update, so I am posting one.....

The children are well. We discovered, however, that the baby (now 3mos) has healing fractures in his knees! When I found this out, I excused myself from the room and pukedin the garbage can outside the room. I was so mad, I gave myself a migraine thinking about it. What kind of person does this to a baby?????? I know, she's mentally ill, she can't help it. Maybe, but SD knew better than to leave the babies with BM. We kept telling her not to. She did it anyway, so we have them.

BM was arrested a few weeks ago and charged with 4counts of wanton endangerment in the 1st degree and 1 count of domestic violence with minor injuries. She is being moved to the prison here in our state in the psychiatric ward. Likely for quite a while. SD was arrested and stayed in jail for 2 days. I can't remember specifically what she was charged with, BUT she'll be able to plead it down and get off scott free basically. Pisses me off. What makes me even madder is that CPS has known about this problem for 2yrs and did nothing about it. WHY?

Anyhow, SD was ordered no contact with anyone in our household until her court date this week. She hasn't seen the kids in over a month. Even before she was ordered no contact, she didn't have any contact with them. She's been ordered for counseling; I hope they can get her on meds, but she's very good at hiding her true self! Hopefully she will get a seasoned psychiatrist that can evaluate her correctly.

we went to court last week and were granted custody until the end of the year, at the very least. I truly believe SD will NOT comply with court orders to get them back, so we will be moving for adoption soon. Likely in January. The baby doesn't even know SD anymore, he thinks of us as his parents. He smiles and giggles when he sees us. He's so adorable! And the 2yo has really come a long way with her speech. She's up to about 200 words now. She was lucky to have 50 when she first came to us.

I'm so blessed to have them in my life, it's hard, but it's also the most wonderful thing in my life (aside from my own boys).

SD18 went to college Friday. I cried like an idiot. She calls everyday....she's homesick. Poor thing, I feel sorry for her. DH is a proud daddy! He cried more than I did.

Anyway, that's my update. I never have much time to get on the computer anymore, except for doing my online class.


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Wow Sia! You have been totally amazing in this situation. I wish I had a fraction of your compassion and patience! You saved that baby's life for sure. I can't believe someone would hurt a newborn like that.

Congratulations on custody through the end of the year. Stay strong. I think the baby and the toddler and incredibly lucky to have you in their lives!

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You & your DH have done a good thing. It's refreshing to know there are people with hearts as big as yours. Bless you & your family. Smile

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Hugs Sia - so glad to see this update from you!! The only bright lining is that you have the children now, and they are so young, that hopefully they will not remember or bear any scars from BM/SD's disregard. Do you have to get a counselor for the 2 year old?

Stay strong - hugs to you both and thank you to you and your DH for being a great MOM AND DAD to those kids!

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what a sad & heartwarming story at the same time.... i agree, you & dh are the blessings those children deserve! and it seems they are little blessings to you!! good luck on the adoption! Smile