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SD 20's cell account is going bye bye

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I talked about this before, but I am still dealing with it. Until next week, that is. Then SD20 will be removed from my cell account, which I added dh to when we moved in together.

I finally convinced him to give SD20 a month's notice that we are changing our cell account to save money on a new plan - and tell SD she will need to get her own phone line account. I heard him tell her, and she didn't react much - which surprised him. He thought she would wig out. I kinda thought she might too. Its hard to know what will set her off. Most of the time she is paranoid about someone poisoning her food to make her high. (No one is putting illicit drugs in her dinner, she is just refusal-to-take-meds nutso.)

Well, I think she didn't really listen, because she still hasn't let us know that she has moved her cell # to a new account. At the time DH told her, she was smack in the middle of a big hysteria about something else, and I think it slipped her mind. Am I going to remind SD or DH? Hell no. I don't need more drama. 

As of next week SD's phone number will be gone and she will have to deal with it on her own. Finally I get my stupid account back and I don't have to pay extra to keep a multilne account because she is a permanent juvenile. 

Wish me luck. Hopefully DH won't get a sobbing phone call from SD because she lost all her cat photos. Ugh.




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My now exBF bought his teen a late model iPhone but she wanted an even new one, so her mom took the phone HE bought and kept it for herself, and bought the teen the latest model iPhone, which she put on her plan.

He's such an idiot that he didn't realize he basically bought his ex wife a $1,000 phone and the ex wife looks like the "good guy" in their teen's eyes because she's the one who gave her the "better" phone. 

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I hear ya. Something very similar happened to me, only BM traded in my old phone that I gave to my SD instead of giving it back like she promised ( for her little sister to use.). BM and SD got new I phones and we got stuck with no phone to give her little sis.


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Phone stuff must be in the BM playbook.

One of our SD's needed a phone so we added a line to our plan.. it was a fairly basic phone... not super fancy.. but had all the normal bells and whistles.

Next trip back.. she has a different phone with a different number.. it was a line her mom got her that week.. and it wasn't like it was a "better" phone.. but mom got her on her plan.. our phone.. that had a 2 year committment?  well.. we could have it

Last time we tried to do something nice like that.. we ended up giving the phone to my FIL.. who enjoyed it.. until his wife made him give it up because she claimed he was using it to cheat on her (the guy is impotent due to prostate surgery and was in his late 60's at the time.. lol... )

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Definitely in the BM playbook. I gave SS14 my old phone and BM won't allow it at her house. She calls him on it multiple times per day when he is at SO's house to coordinate when she is picking him up, but won't allow it at her house. At her house, she gives him HER old phone and had her contact info set as the words for "Pretty Mama" in her and SO's home language. So every time SS called SO, it would show as "Pretty Mama." They don't realize i know a little of the language and when i pointed it out to SO and told him i was changing my ex's contact to "Big D!ck Daddy", he changed it. 

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My guess is that it didn't really register with her.  The reaction is yet to come. At 20, she ought to be able to figure it out, can't she?

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She'll be highly motivated next week when her phone stops working. Thankfully, she won't lose any photos. She'll just lose the ability to make cellular phone calls.

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She would actually go out of the house to realize the phone isn't working.  With apps like "text now". You can make free WiFi calling