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Karma rears its head for a rude mediation lawyer

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Sorry I have been absent here lately. With SD's out of the house, its been relatively calm.

I wanted to share a great karma experience that my DH had recently. He works in HVAC heating and cooling and went out on a customer call. A man answered the door and looked VERY familiar to DH. 

DH realized within a few seconds that this guy was the extremely rude mediation lawyer for him and his ex wife. The lawyer had confrontationally asked DH why he didn't answer calls from BM, and instead texted her back. When my DH said "First and foremost, I have to look out for my mental health. Texting gives me a legal record of what was said, and keeps me from falling victim to useless drama."  (  Given BM's background of harrassment, this is fair, I think.)

The lawyers response was to make fun of DH and mock him in front of his ex for watching out for his own mental health.

So DH asks the man "Are you by any chance a lawyer?" 

The man looks surprised and says "Yes, do I know you?"

Dh says, tongue in cheek, "No, just looking out for my own mental health. Sorry, but I'm unable to complete your service call today, OR EVER.."

The lawyer's eyes light up and he gets a mean gleam in his eye. "I remember you! I mediated for your and your ex wife, didnt' I? Well, you can't possibly hold that against me! I have no air conditioning and its 97 degrees out and will be for the next month!"

DH says calmly "Yes, have fun sweating. It sure is hard to find a good A/C repairman during a heatwave. You probably won't get anyone out here until 2 months from now."

The lawyer gets angry, and say "Oh, you WILL BE BACK. I'm calling your manager right now."

Dh: "Oh, PLEASE DO!"

Dh drives away laughing. His boss, who is also his good friend, calls him to ask what's up with this guy. DH explains and the boss agrees with him. The boss calls the lawyer back and says "We are refusing service to you forever. Don't call back."

I hope you all enjoyed this little bit of petty revenge on a very entitled attorney who thought being impartial was just too much to ask - especially when the BM was slutting it up for him, trying to curry favor.


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Proof if ever there was that revenge is a dish that is best eaten cold.

I can just imagine your DH basking in the satisfaction he got from that!

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Gotta love it when these types get their comeuppance.


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The best part is that you know this douchebag lawyer thinks of Dh as "one of the little people that are beneath him."  Many people think of tradesman as equal to janitors, until they need someone smart enough to fix their machines - which they can't do because they cheated their way through a liberal arts degree in college. 

My husband practically danced through the front door. He couldn't wait to tell me!

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And my husband the mechanic, he KNOWS his power, and Toxic Troll has managed to find ways to use that when it serves her (Ill go back for more child support if you dont work on my car!!!) and now its just "for the childs safety" during visitations.

People looked down on tradesmen as unsophisticated and menial, until COVID and they were the ones still able to bring in a paycheck.

This is so fabulous on so many differing levels Biggrin

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True. I hear so many stories of people being rude or innapropriate with him while he is on the job. Some lady last week walked around with her top off and nips hanging out trying to entice him. He told me she had the ugliest nips he has ever seen, and wanted to wash his eyeballs out. Then she had the gall to request him to come back, after he told her he'd never come back.

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Thank you so much. I love hearing these kinds of "Karma got back hard and fast" stories. Gives me some big grins on a gray day (its a cool 57). AND I hope to hear more Biggrin

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That was my coffee through my nose!

This is almost as good as the Toxic Troll rolled out of the car into a ditch story!!!!! 

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How delicious.. we normally don't get a front row seat to the karma strike.. but he actually got to DELIVER it! 


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Oh, Dahlink!

There is nothing in this world more offensive to me than a bully so reading your post filled me with such delight that I was punching the air! I can just imagine Mr. Arrogant Lawyer, phoning your husband’s employer, expecting to have you chastened, only to get tag-teamed.



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... of the glorious day off I'm having (=spa day with a friend: massage, spa, swimming in a saltwater infinity pool, hot-tubbing, steam sauna, and fabulous late lunch!) to read your glorious update, ShieldMaiden!


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Reality is so many tradespeople refuse to provide service to customers who treat them rudely, disrespectfully or try to con them. Its great the boss had your husband's back on this one. Karma is a bitch!!

unfortunately, a large part of society believes women can do no wrong

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Truth! Lots of women try to pull the gender card when they know damned well that they are the ones who were acting inappropriately. They make all women look bad when they do this. 

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This is by far one of the best things I have EVER read!!! 

I'm so proud of your DH and his company for backing him! This is perfect!!