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Funny dreams

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I keep having a recurring dream theme lately that I know is about the skid situation. 

First, I dreamed I was in the backseat of an 18 wheeler truck. My Dad and his wife were in the front, commenting on the scenery, while the 18 wheeler veered out of control. I was in the backseat, craning my neck around to see past them, and somehow steering the truck to safety - into the parking lot of an auto repair shop.

Second dream - I was in the back of a schoolbus, trying to jerry-rig it so I could steer it to safety in a rainstorm, while the kids and the busdriver laughed and pointed obliviously out the windows. 

So, do you sense a theme here? I used to have dreams 10 years ago that I was in a landfill, pushing garbage up a steep hill, only to have my DH and skids pick it up and throw it back down the hill. That dream was a symbol of how I felt in my relationship at the time - like a trash collector who was being heckled. Now, I guess I feel like I am steering an out-of-control bus full of family members to safety, while they laugh and enjoy the scenery - not seeing that they are about to die. 

What do you think? Do you ever have recurring dreams that completely illustrate your feelings about the skids or your DH?   


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Our dreams often reflect our reality, unfortunately. Very insightful Shieldmaidens.

I hope one day you dream of a bright blue ocean, soaring happy birds, and of course a very handsome Cabana boy Wink fanning you and bringing you fruity drinks with umbrellas.

I used to dream I was falling off a cliff and I kept falling, the falling part seemed like forever. I always jolted awake to realize this wasnt the case but then steplife came to mind and it made sense.

I hope your sitch reaches a better outcome than feeling like you are steering out of control .

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I left step-life, but can I still have the ocean dream too? 

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Cause you left you probably are living the ocean dream Wink

Good for you for bettering your life

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I can't remember if I've had dreams about the Lying Ingrate SS and his wife the She-Devil specifically.  I think I have.  Dh and I haven't spoken to them in three years.  It's so much more peaceful without them being in our lives.  My blood pressure is great.  Wait, I have dreamt about them a time or two. They showed up here or showed up wherever I was, trying to talk to me and I was thinking what do they think they're doing?  Why are they here?  Why are they trying to talk to me? It hasn't gotten to the point where I make them go away yet but my dreams usually do progress eventually when I'm trying to work through an issue.  

We also cut off his younger nephew, Mr. Take The Story And Run With It Before Verifying Facts.  I have had dreams about him.  He, and sometimes his SO, show up at our home and just walk in.  My husband doesn't want them here any more than I do but there he is talking to them, refusing to do anything about them being here.  And I'm thinking why won't he do anything?  Why won't he make them leave?  I think I even say something to him in the dreams.  Sometimes I wake up or the dream ends before I can do anything.  The past few times though I did do something.  In one, they were about to walk in and I pointed at them and kept saying "nope, nope, nope" over and over again until they turned around and left.  

In the other dream, they showed up and made a mess.  I got fed up with dh not doing anything and I told them to clean up their mess and leave.  I told them not to come back and if they did they would be asked to leave.  I had another one about MIL inviting the nephew to our house then crying because we didn't allow it.  She doesn't live here.  This is one of many reasons why she never will live here.  In the dream I didn't allow them in here and when she hid and was crying I went to her hiding place and told her off.  

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I have a recurring dream that my step kids are in my home without my approval and I am just waiting for things to take a bad turn. In the dream I'm mad at my husband 

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I haven't had the dreams but I sense lack of control is what you are feeling.  (Who of us hasn't felt lack of control in steplife. Lol).  

I'm 77 with 5 bios and SKs in their 50s and 60s and 9 gks from 14-39.  I hear about all kinds of things from financial messes to impending splits to discipline issues to illnesses to ill-advised moves, to job problems to mental issues, ie, the full panoply of life.  I keep trying to tell myself I can't control any of it.  I keep having the impulse to give advice, offer money, go work on somebody's house, offer to babysit, call somebody -in other words, do ANYTHING I can to help.  It is so hard to talk myself down and realize I have no control of any of this and to let go for my own physical and mental health (and for their own path toward maturity).

Letting go is hard.