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DD is too scared to sleep in her room

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DD3 told me tonight she was too scared to sleep in her room and when I ask her why she says SS9 wakes her up.

The past two nights now he has been getting up late in the evening. Last night I was in the living room and I heard his door open and close twice. Now FDH decided that SS was just going to the bathroom. I point out I should have heard four doors opening and closing. His twice and the bathroom twice or at least once if he left it open. Now FDH counters that with SS is going to the bathroom with the door open. Hey FDH, why didn't he flush? This was the morning conversation with FDH.

Tonight DD flips out about SS waking her up and she is too scared to sleep in her room. So just now SS jumps around in his room and I.thought I heard his door open. I check and he just woke up and has his light on and a movie starting. I asked what he was doing and he says he just woke up. WTH? Obviously he wasn't planning on going back to sleep. Maybe the little shit is waking hee up. It's not the first time she has said this and gotten so worked up about it.

Nanny cams are ordered and on the way. Thankfully.


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I would love to kick him awake but he has to be up at 3:30am for work. We also have our bedroom on the opposite side of the house. The house we are moving to has all the bedrooms together.

I know my DD didn't hit til after being around SS and then we saw him take multiple swings at her head when he thought we weren't looking. She says he wakes her up and something about a light. I asked if he went in her room and she said no. Her speech is not the best. She needs to be back in speech therapy so its hard to understand her.

I do know SS is emotionally immature and he is very bossy. He also likes to annoy DD so its not a good thing. I think he is jealous of her.

I left the tv on in the living room so I am hoping that fools him into thinking I stayed up late.

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Did he touch her inappropriately? Anywhere a undies cover is what you may want to ask if you suspect something. You didn't mention this but it's not uncommon and I'm glad you are getting nanny cams.

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I can't move the darn skid but at least she says he hasn't touched her. He was playing doctor with her but they were fully clothed and he was tapping her all over with a plastic dinosaur. LOL she now hits him in the head with toys because he would tap her on the head with that dinosaur. He is not very bright.

I tried to stay up and catch him but it seems like he stayed in bed after that.

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Sleep in your daughter's room tonight.

My son sleep walks/has night terrors. He is 10 now and has grown out of it a bit, but we have had some scary episodes in the past.

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I was going to try that except the way her room is set up he would see me so if he is up to no good I won't catch him, that's why I tried staying up last night. I'm going to try tonight.

I was thinking it would be funny if I slept outside of his door and he couldn't get out without waking me up. Then what would he do? Probably pee on his carpet.