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O/T - Those damned recycle bin thieving neighbors!

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Our recycle bin was stolen a few weeks ago. This has been stuck in my craw for weeks and I have stayed pissed off about it every trash/recycle day since some idiot stole my bin.

I took the trash out last night at about 01:00 AM and noticed that my across the street neighbors had two WM recycle bins and concluded that they had stolen my recycle bin. WM only provides one recycle bin in our neighborhood. MY DAMNED NEIGHBORS STOLE MY BIN!!!! Grrrrr!

So, I walked across the cul-de-sac and dumped one of the recycling bins in the other and took MY recycling bin back.

So at the butt crack of dawn this AM I looked out my front window to see if MY recycling bin was still in MY yard. Much to my surprise there was MY very nice green WM recycling bin still in MY yard with MY recycling in it right where it belonged. Those damned recycling bin thieving neighbors obviously did not have the balls to steal my bin a second time. Damned Straight!!! Don't fuck with Rags' bin again.

Then I looked across the street at my bin thieving neighbor’s yard. And right there in it's BRIGHT BLUE non-WM glory was my neighbors now overflowing recycle bin. :jawdrop: OH SHIT!!!

In the dark of late night I could not tell that one of the bins in their yard was blue and one was green.

So at the butt crack of dawn Rags goes streaking across the cul-de-sac with my neighbors bright green WM recycling bin, sorts their recycling back in to the proper bin, picks the overflow up off of their yard then streaks back home hopeful that all of my neighbors were still in bed and that there were no web cams catching my stupid move for eternal posterity and publication on the internet.

I will be checking YouTube for the next month fully expecting to see clear footage of a sparsely clad mid sized white guy doing some crazy musical bin crap with recycle bins in the middle of the night and at the butt crack of dawn.

I must now hang my head in shame.


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get some spraypaint and stencils and put your house numbers on yours. I had a can thief at my first apartment when I was 19, this is what I did and have been doing every place I've lived.

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That is funny! Lesson to all not to jump to conclusions too fast no matter how sure we are. My skids hate recycling btw. Don't think they should have to bc "its dumb". Although we collect 2 bins worth of bottles/cans each week and their BM even took the cans for cash at least twice. Which I thought was pathetic but kept my mouth shut b.c. if she's that desperate for maybe $10 then help yourself, or maybe get a job to supplement that Child Support check????