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Its alive!!!

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We got proof of life yesterday.  It started with a text.  "Sorry, I am having memory problems and keep forgetting to call.".

We both got home early enough to speak with him. He sounded good, works seems to be going well. I always get nervous when he goes radio silent as this was highly indicative of poor performance when he was in his late HS phase.

His cat is apparently demanding, happy, and torturing  him. I like this cat.


He has a specialist appt coming up to start working on the memory issues.  I personally think that it is his never sleep and game all night life style.  He is not dating anyone and his only actual human interaction is work.  This kid would be Golum in middle earth.  Underground and having a strong connectin with his precious (the cat).  Though he does not particularly care for fish.

This kid drives me nuckin futz!

Though I am happy that overall he is doing fine.


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Aa man who cares for and about a manipulative asshole cat (and they ALL are, on different levels and in different ways) is a good man!

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He is a good man.  We are proud.  His cat is a rescue that was born and raised at what is apparently a fairly exclusive shelter.  Apparently her markings are not super TikTok worthy and she was passed over by a number of people who otherwise liked her . 

He had to do double secret probation background checks, like NSA and FBI level, several vetting interviews, and a shelter agent home visit before the shelter approved him to be a cat slave.

The story is that after his Act of Congress vetting and approval process he went in to meet the cats that the shelter agents had chosen to consider him. 

She was visibly annoyed that the other cats were hogging  his lap but stood aloof and waited her turn. When his lap was free, she runway walked in a prominade gait and deigned to sit in his lap. She has owned him ever since. 

It has been over a year.  She hates phone calls because it takes his focus off of her so she tries to steal his phone. You can hear her scratching at it when he is talking with us,  when he talks to anyone but her, she pretty much yowls at him.  Until my DW says hello to her.

My DW has gone all cat granny with her.  We have never met her, but DW buys her toys, plays with them herself to get the toys smelling like her, then sends them to the cat.  Apparently she pretty much rejects toys not sent by her cat granny.  Last night SS begged his mom for more cat toys so she will leave him alone.  When she has cat granny toys, she is fixated and has no time for her slave except to demand food and scratches.

Have I said how much I love this cat?  I appreciate that she tortures him and keeps  his head in the game. Since I am not there to do it.




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He is young for memory issues. Does he have anxiety? My son has anxiety and will freak about symptoms he's having that turn out to be normal. Plus anxiety can mess with your ability to remember things. 

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Is this post about your SS?

Sorry Im just getting caught up on blogs here. Ill go read some more.

Glad the cat is keeping him in the game!

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Yep.  He tends to freak his mom out with a text them her concerns are abated during a call.   He is by no means a great communicator.