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I am back!

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I am back. I have spent the last 2.5hrs clearing e-mail on my client e-mail account and am taking a break before tackling my employer e-mail account.

DW and I had a great 10 days in Singapore with my brother and his family. My beautiful niece graduated from HS and is now off to Texas A&M. That is a tough pill to swallow for a burn't orange blooded Longhorn (Hook'em Horns) but I am proud of her for doing well and getting accepted to A&M. Her graduation was very nice. Singapore was a greengasm compared to Qatar and is an amazing city/country. Clean, efficient and very well run and administrated. Kind of a Stepford city but nice none the less.

We got back to Qatar at midnight on June 9th. We got up fairly early on the AM of the 9th and went for a half day tour of the GE Aviation Turbine Engine training and maintenance facility. Once again my bride demonstrated that she is scary smart. She is a CPA but grasped Jet Engine theory and the maintenance concepts in no time flat. Very sexy.

DW and I had a true surprise yesterday. Our kid (my SS) called. He never calls, but yesterday he did and on his own initiative too! Wow. We talked for nearly 2hrs. He talked about work, what he does on his free time, his freinds, his school and his plans for the next 5yrs of his 6yr enlistment. He is definately recognizing that live is much easier when you make the effort to soar with the eagles rather than pick shit with the chickens (so to speak). He has had several friends get discharged from the USAF for a variaty of reasons but mainly due to apparently communicating a false intent to kill themselves. He is a good and smart young man and commented several times that it made him very angry that these people would do crap like that after finishing basic and at least a year of their commitment only to go home and mooch off of their friends and family.

It was great to talk to the kid.

It is good to be home.

I hope all has gone well for everyone over the past 10 days. I will catch up as much as I can as time allows.

Best regards,