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90 minutes to SKid touchdown.

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We lost a day of kid time due to the Arctic Vortex.  His flights were canceled and re-booked twice on Wed and Thu.  On Friday he got stuck in a tunnel due to an accident and missed his flight.  He rescheduled while stuck in the tunnel.

I put him up at a hotel attached to the airport last night to avoid the risk of another traffic related delay.  He only lives about 20mins from the airport but has to transit through two tunnels to get from his place to the airport.  I did not want any additional risk of him missing flights.  If his mom had to go without seeing him, my life would not be tolerable through the holidays. This was nearly entirely self serving on my part.

Just maybe I am excited about seeing him too.  Though I would never admit it.

Bah Humbug!!!  I hate kids!!!!


His flight left this AM at about 05:00.

He lands in an hour and  a half. 

My bride is losing her mind.  She was bouncing around this AM starting before 07:00 and killed my plan to sleep in.  She did calm down enough that I got to doze until 08:00 but .... it was not the extra 3+ hours of comatose level hard sleeping I had planned on.

Skids, even when they are 30 they can screw up your day.


Merry Christmas STalkers and Happy Holidays.  May your time with family and friends make wonderful memories and may your New Year be one of prosperity, meaning, and adventure.


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Congratulations on getting your SS safely arrived. Very sweet that you support your Bride. 

I am hoping maybe my SK's will run into similar difficulties but a different ending ... as in their flights are all canceled and the week of SDiabla hell, pretend holiday celebrations never happen. Does it even count as Christmas if they come AFTER the actual day is over for sloppy seconds? The real day is spent with her royal hinnyness HCBM.