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Putting it to a vote

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So as I discussed my situation and the impending "email" to Crazy, I have decided I might be a bit one-sided in my thought process of when the email should be sent.

Just a brief overview: Crazy's Boy Toy is grooming STB13SD to be molested. Texts of missing her on nights where it's just them and telling her that he's going to start treating her more like an adult, etc. Discussed with counselor and CPS social worker and they agreed with me that 1st step would be emailing Crazy and making her aware of the situation.

My thought is it should be sent when Crazy has SD, so she can discuss it with her. Also, since she's with us this week, we can monitor her phone for more messages. Once we tell Crazy, we know she will tell SD to start deleting them or Boy Toy will. Not a lot of hope that Crazy will do anything but blame SO for being jealous.

However, someone else mentioned it might be better for her to get the email when she doesn't have SD so she can process it before getting her back.

Please let me know your thoughts and votes! As of yet, SO has not provided me with his thoughts on when it should be I'd like insight into both sides.


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Oh no, no, no. I am certainly not the one who is going to be addressing this issue with her. She will ignore it, just because it came from me. Also, it's his responsibility to his daughter. BM is very hostile so it was recommended to send an email so there is documentation that it was brought to her attention.