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"I haven't heard from you in a month"

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A month ago, 4 days before we headed to court because of her petition to reduce DH's time with the skids from 35% of the time to EOWE, BM notified him that she will be deployed in July 2016. She noted that she hoped they could come to an arrangement in which her husband cared for the kids in her absence.

In court, her attorney notified the court that BM will be deploying and our attorney notified her attorney that we plan to have the skids during her absence. The judge indicated that everything would be heard on a final court date in June, in order to accommodate her anticipated deployment date.

BM sent DH an email last night saying "I haven't heard from you in a month about this." And then, because she's such a piece of work, at 8 PM, she had SS (6.5) call and ask DH if he would "let him come to his house and have a party with his friends for his birthday." His birthday that's in September. We knew the call was hinky, but seriously?!

I literally cannot fathom the gall of this woman.


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Now she's e-mailed him back that both kids have expressed their desire to stay with her husband during her deployment. He's drafting a response that says kids don't determine custody, and the judge will issue orders in June.

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She's a horrible PA person. She needs to have control over the kids to be able to do that, so she needs them to stay with him in her mind. And if they're with us, she loses ALL control. He's willing to keep them because it's what BM wants. She's horribly mean when she doesn't get what she wants, which means it's in his best interests to keep them. I'm not sure what use he'll have to her if he doesn't have the kids...

DH is agreeable to the kids having visitation with him. Her husband isn't a bad guy, but it's not their dad, and the kids should be with their other parent during a deployment, not with their parent's husband.

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I would make sure to take copies of the emails to court to show the judge how she is involving the children in adult issues. That will not go over well.