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What to do about this?

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Lately, when we have SD, she won't listen to SO when I'm around.She only listens to me! Then he gets mad and yells at me that I need to go tell her (BLANK) and make her listen.

I don't want her to get in more trouble then she is already in by not listening to her dad, but we don't know what to do. She has started listening to me when I say something the first time, but she competely ignore SO.

Any suggestions on what to do?

I asked members in my family, and they said MAKE HER LISTEN.

We've tried that and it doesn't work. She screams and crys and still doesn't listen.


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You cannot make her respect him. If she listens to you, you've earned her respect and you can't make that happen for him. He has to make that happen. You need to tell him not to pull you into the middle of their arguments. If she's not listening to him, there's a reason and it's between the two of them. He has to take care of it, not you.

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My SD will listen to me alot faster than she will DH also. She won't give me lip, she will aruge with him like crazy. I don't get it either. I think it's cause we aren't their parents so they aren't sure if we really will kill them or something. Smile

PS.....your voice is so cute! I loved talking to you last night!! Smile

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Everytime he puts it on you & tells you that you need to tell her anything, he's allowing it to continue. She is his child. She is his responsibility, & he needs to make her do what he tells her to do. If he tells her to come into the living room & she just stands there, he needs to get up, walk over & take her by the arm, & bring her into the living room. Sit back down & take it from there. If she can't do what her father tells her to do, she can go sit by herself in her room & come out when she's ready to listen to her dad. If she needs to scream & cry she can do that by herself in her room. Him giving up & putting it on you, & then getting upset because she only listens to you...she's doing it that way because she can.