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Embarrassing feelings

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My grandmother is here with my sister for a week visiting us all.

I try to keep it reasonable, and I certainly don't say anything infront of SS, but I think my grandmother is distasteful of my own extreme dislike of BM.

I wish I liked her more, but I don't. I should not take personally what she continues to do to DH where SS is concerned, but I do.

Wish I had a better poker face.

On the upside, my sister is here, and is more than happy to jump on the "BM is a horrible cow" bandwagon when we've gone out to the store, or to grab something from my office etc.

Sometimes it just sucks when you feel like something as simple as extreme distaste for another woman is making your Grandma disappointed in you.

She'd never say it, but I'm either wildly insecure about it or it's really there.

Maybe both. Sad