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We Finally Had our first court Hearing- BM Shows up late of course with a stupid smile on her face..

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I had to laugh because when BM got there to check in- she had to use the clerks phone to call "one of" her boyfriends to tell him how to get there- She still has "no phone" She saw me sitting there and probably felt she needed "someone" to be there too..
She is using the same pro-bono attorney she used for her middle son's case-
Our lawyer asked if we wanted to go for the 3 sessions of mediation with the lunatic or get a guardian ad litem, we chose the guardian that can check into some things such as SS's lack of any form of organized education, his delayed speech/medical records etc- She had denied DH these things for years as a means of control- We found it funny that she suddenly "claimed" to be working full time now when DH's child support has always been based on her having "O" income- Also she told the judge that she has SS in a pre-k IEP program and that since she works on Fridays, DH will have to come all the way to her city to get the child-250 miles for us to travel there and back and there and back. The judge said "Well if he's in daycare and you're at work, wouldn't DH just be able to pick SS up from daycare???"
The judge wanted proof of her "new" full time job and in addition the proof that SS was enrolled in the Pre-K IEP program at the time of the court date- Our lawyer asked if DH could get SS "right now" since he is in the city and is currently on vacation for 2 weeks- BM had the most awkward look on her face and bregrudgingly says.. "Yeah.. DH can have him, he can get him anytime he wants" Our lawyer said, well.. isn't SS in Daycare right now??? Once again BM had a stupid look on her face.. The judge reinforced wanting the documentation proving BM's employment and SS's child care- Also BM's lawyer asked DH's to pay for SS's child care to hold his spot while he's with us for 2 weeks- The judge said "DH is not paying a dime, until you can prove to me, that SS is even enrolled"

So here are my questions

Will the Guardian ad litem see right through BM and all that she has denied this child for the last 5 years even if she puts on her phony false front?

Will BM be able to weasel out of the fact that I believe she's lying about the job and the daycare, I think she fabricated the full time job, to get out of having to meet us half way on distance- I also think she'll try to enroll SS after the fact will the judge care if she was initially lying?

I know it depends on the court and judge but has anyone else gone through the guardian ad litem process? what can we expect

I'm afraid BM won't be seen for the trashy monster she really is-


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I can say with ours, he does NOT appreciate lying loser whore mothers. Our BM signed up middle skid for CS and was milking FH for all he was worth for 3 WHOLE YEARS. He was out of town working when it was put in place and he paid it because to him, that's his kid. Well, when FH got custody of the 3 skids, BM cries, "but she's not his, here's the birth certificate." Our lawyer said, "Here's the support order that says she IS his kid." The judge's bushy eyebrows got all scrunched up and he said he wanted to see the support order, he didn't give a rat's fat one about her birth certificate and then he nailed her on, "This has been in place for three years and you never attempted to change it." HA!
I think our judge knows exactly what a trashy monster our BM is even though she tries to play poor pitiful single mom in the courtroom. She filed a bill of review to try and get a new trial. That was in April. He said he'd decide in a week. I think he just let it die on his desk because he knows the kids are where they should be.

And we've never had to do guardian ad litum, so I have no idea what that's like. The best you can hope for is that the officials you work with are reasonable, fair-minded people.

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I hope ours recognizes the same thing.. I had to laugh @ lying loser whore mothers.. because I could not have put it any better than that.. BM is such a liar and you can tell how much she tried to act agreeable and easy-going-but kept this weird twisted up nervous look on her face..

I really hope this all goes in our favor and DH gets 50/50 at the very least..

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always do". A quote from our Judge after we spent all day in court after flying across the country to make the court date. We presented impeccable witnesses (police officers, CSE clerks, certified foster parents, etc....) to testify to the idiot crap that BioDad did to jeopardize the safety of my then 2yo SS.

We never used a GAL but we did spend a ton of time and money on court and were exposed to the Idiot in the black robe more than would have liked.

The more information and documentable fact you can present to the Judge the better off you will be. However, the Judge may decide to ignore much of it and "do what (they) always do".

Good luck and best regards,

Success is rarely final. Failure is rarely fatal. It is character, courage and consistency of effort that count. Vince Lombardi (with some minor Rags modifications) To each according to their performance, screw Karl Marx. (Rags)

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I'm proud that you all are spending the money and time to make sure your ss is having the proper care and love he needs. It is great that BM is getting what she deserves.
I've always been an advocate for single moms. However after seeing my ss mom - I've changed my whole outlook! It amazes me what they can get by with...
My DH wouldn't think of going against her -- which is a problem because the ss is doing bad in school and treats my DH like crap.
Hang on.. it sounds like the GAL is calling her bluff - good luck and keep us posted! I would love to know what happens - I'll be thinking about you!

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I told DH I would go broke to make things right, this poor child is a mess because of his lifestyle at the moment. He needs help and we're the only ones who can get it for him I will keep you all posted.. THANKS!