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Sorry I’ve been absent lately. I’ve been slammed with trying to manage two jobs (GAL and Real Estate).

OMG everyone some things have happened over the last couple of days … last you heard was about the daycare situation. Well, BM paid the minimum to keep SS in until Friday, and will be responsible for the entire daycare amount next week, because we are current until August 10th. Hopefully this won’t happen again. But the crappy thing is that she didn’t bother to communicate with DH about what she was doing. Her deadline to pay was 11am, and the plan was I was going to head down to school and pay. She called at 11:23 to tell DH she was going to pay it … I could have been ¾ of the way there by the time she called. When DH tried to talk to her about anything, she “wasn’t available” or didn’t return his phone calls. All the communication was between DH and BF.

We offered to give her a weekend back that we took from her for our vacation time, if she gave us 3-make up days for the vacation; we weren’t giving up the time, but in the spirit of being nice offered the weekend back to her, so she didn’t have to go 3-weekends in a row without seeing Jacob. Her first response was “no thank you.” After BF and DH had talked and BF said every time it seems as if we are being nice, BM things we are up to something. So, with that in mind we emailed her again regarding the weekend and said it was “in the spirit of trying to get along.” She still hadn’t responded. Well, if DH and I were going to spend the next 3-weekends with SS we wanted a weekend to ourselves, so we were going to go camping this weekend; ONLY if we were going to have him for the 3-weekends in a row.

DH called to talk to SS last night, and didn’t ask BM about the weekend of the 17th. So, I was talking about making plans with friends this weekend and DH says … “aren’t we gong camping.” URGH!!!! Men never listen!!! I said, “no because you didn’t talk to BM about the weekend of the 17th.” He said, “oh, I forgot.” Yes, he did, and then I reminded him of our plans regarding camping. I said, “I’ll call her.” DH said, “okay.” Now for those of you not totally familiar with my story, BM thinks I am the evil in carnet. We have talked on the phone ONCE in almost 2 years, and NEVER have we talked about plans with SS; her opinion is, I’m not his parent I shouldn’t play any role in the decision making (but her BF can – whatever!).

So, I called her this morning. “BM, this is SM. (Yes.) DH and I were wondering if you were wanting Jacob the weekend of the 17th. We are getting ready to go camping and were wondering what you wanted to do. (Well, that’s up to you guys.) We’ve already offered the weekend to you. I swear on my dog’s life that we have no ulterior motive or agenda with offering this time to you. We just want 3-days later on, and DH promised we wouldn’t take a weekend away from you in the future. We know how hard it is to go for a long period of time without seeing SS. (Well, okay then.) Great, well you have a nice day, and I hope you get to get out and enjoy the sunshine. (Okay, bye.) Bye.”

First I was shocked that she even answered the phone when I called. Second, I was shocked she didn’t take her snotty tone with me. I’m sure she’s just as floored, 1) that I called her and not DH, and 2) that I was nice to her (because you know I’m such a bitch – LOL).

I’ve drafted an email confirming the conversation, and I am going to work on an email from DH to BM in the spirit of communicating and working together. Hopefully, she’ll read it and at least think about it, but I won’t hold my breath!!

~ Katrina