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*** trigger suicide***

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Just got word someone SOs knows (more then likely) committed suicide. Early 30s going through a divorce (we think that was finialized) and still dealing with custody. 

Just awful. His kids are very young 3 and 1. Not trying to cast blame... but the ex wife is HCBM.

SO is pretty upset about this... him and said person have done side jobs together.. SO knows his dad from work... SO really liked him. SO saw him last week at work... I think he is thinking he could have done something... We don't have full details yet but...

Terrible situation all around. 


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Though suicide is no one's fault but the one who commits it.  Not even a toxic X's fault.


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To lose someone you know or associated with, regardless of the circumstances. Very heartbreaking situation for his family, those small children and all who knew him. I wish people could somehow understand this is never the answer. 

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A permanent avoidance of a temporary problem.

Those kids will suffer their entire lives from this guys choice.  Sadly, he will no longer be there to counter the HCGUBM he chose as his breeding partner.


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With the totally lopsided court system, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.  A couple years ago we had something similar.   A coworker was going through a divorce from his "trophy wife" who decided to get her nursing degree and run off with a doctor.  Kids were in their pre-teens and mid teens.  He shot himself after trying the CO route and it wasn't working fast enough apparently. 

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So sad. I don't understand how in todays world the mistreatment of men in all these situations isn't brought to light more. Then we have these tragic stories like this... 

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funded by government stipends to courts, etc... to push mandatory CS, etc....


There is no interest to put a clear standard in place that kids go to the quality parent... period dot, that being the parent best capable of providing for them.  Baring a clear case of abuse, etc...

 A KISS solution would solve so much of this crap.  The kid goes with the money earner who is proven to be superior in providing for the kid.

IMHO of course.

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Those poor children too. Someone from my hometown committed suicide a few years ago who had a young child, I think he was under 1, if not definitely under 2. I had heard that his BM broke up with him, was being a HCBM, and a couple months later took his own life. I felt so terrible for the little boy who lost his father and at least on the surface, can't say for sure, but that BM drove him to it. According to his social media posts, he was definitely in a dark place and a lot was pointing fingers/calling out the BM for the treatment she was giving him plus making it impossible for him to be a father to his son.

Just such a sad, sad situation.