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Mother’s Day.

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Today is the day!! All the GUHCBMs have been waiting for!! Either they don't want their kids or the need to be shown they are MOTHER!! With a few varying scenarios in between.

So I just wanted to wish all the bio moms, step moms, cat moms , dog moms, any mom a Happy Mother's Day. This day can be very challengeing for a lot of us here for all sorts of reasons. 

Hopefully everyone enjoys their day!! I got new hiking boots from the dogs. :) 



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No celebrations happening here. It's just any other day for me. Hanging out with my kiddo and doing laundry.  

But....this hallmark holiday always reminds me when DH bought me half dead roses off a clearance rack, i planted them to try to save them, and his oldest son stomped them to death.  Good times. Good memories.

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My whole weekend was weird.  I did get to see my mother though.  Due to her fear of covid, no hugs.  I haven't seen her in a year but we hung out outside.  

I got some scary news yesterday.  My brother, who had been in an accident with a freight train a few weeks ago, had a massive heart attack yesterday but miraculously survived.  Within a few hours of having a stent put in, he was awake and talking.  I went to see him today and that helped.  I got to see with my own eyes that he's ok and I believe he'll be fine as long as he takes care of himself.  He survived the widow maker.  

Yesterday my husband took me, the kids and MIL out to lunch.  My mom would've been invited too if not for her fear of covid.  She's taking baby steps to getting back out into society.  Anyway, my tooth started hurting.  It's fine now but I discovered another tooth with a problem.  Part of my very large filling came out today.  I have a feeling I'll be needing a crown on it.  I need one on another tooth too.  I'm going to end up with five crowns in my mouth before it's all said and done.  Four for sure since I have three already.  

It's been one heck of a Mothers Day.