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So I have a question for the group. AITA.

Thursday I came down with the stomach bug... pretty bad. So I spent my morning until about 9pm throwing up amongist other things...

I didn't go to work yesterday I stayed in bed recovering...

NOW. SS19 had been in FL with his gf for a week. I'm honestly not sure if he flew in Friday or Thursday and stayed at his gfs house.. she lives 45 minutes away.

Around 3pm yesterday SO informs me that he "forgot" that we were going to do dinner (aka me cooking something) with SS19 and his gf.. he told SS19 not tonight because I was sick...but they were still coming over so she can help him with his room. SS19 and SD flipped rooms because SS20 is in a new room in the basement... while SS19 was away SO finished patching some stuff...

When he tells me this I'm instantly annoyed. I don't get asked... I didn't feel like socializing (which comes in to my AITA question) can I just have a day where the house is f'n quite..

SOO! They don't even get to the house till around 8pm and I don't come out of our room. I just didn't want to deal with it. 

I was tired, cranky, my head was pounding etc. If I bring this up to SO it will be in instant fight.

I feel bad I didn't ask them about vacation but like wtf...bad timing all around but SO couldn't just say no SS19 tonight is not good missk is sick have gf come over tomorrow... Ill add gf doesn't have a car.. so SS19 does ALOT of driving. So she stayed last night... not like that should make a difference. Her parents sold her when she went to school.. I don't know..

So am AITA for not leaving our room? 


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The 'A' in this situation is your SO. A highly insensitive one.

Hope you're better soon. {{hugs}}

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The stomach bug is usually either the noroviris or the rotovirus and they are both extremely contagious. They will go through a cruise ship or nursing home making everyone sick. You did them a favor

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You were too sick.  Dont even give it a thought.

If your SS is like mine were, you didn't even make a blip on their radar screen.   They didn't notice that you weren't present to greet them.

Get well soon!


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Ok. Thanks for validation. SS19 and gf are very likeable kids it's just more of SO never being able to say "no." It is beyond old for me. 

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Sick people stay in bed rest,, drink fluids,  Untill they feel better. Not cook for capable adults.  As a adult I would not want a pweson with. BUG cooking for me.  Your SO is the A.  He should be asking what you want to eat 

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Nope, you are NTA.  But your SO is.


What a selfish delusional asshat.  He knows you are sick yet he drops a unplaned SS/GF visit on you.

Nope, you are definately not the asshole.

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Ooooh no you are not the askhole, but man your SO is dumb, I would not want to go to somebodies house when they have been throwing up sick, unless you SO wiped down everything you had touched your whole house is infected and now so are they.