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6 of my knuckles are busted.

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I got so mad tonight about what FH said tonight about my father's wife's sister that I had to take my anger out on the washing machine and now 6 of my fingers are bandged up. I do call my dad's wife my step-mom but her sister is a different story... She called me a fat-ass in front of my dad at HIS Christmas party that he throws for his employees and clients every year and she told me to go and fetch her a plate of food. I cannot stand the bitch and FH said something "nice" about her and it completely pissed me off! He KNOWS how much I hate her although he said something nice about triggered my emotions and I had to take it out on something and the washing machine was the closest thing although I think the machine got the better side because now six of my fingers are bandaged up. I do feel better although my hands don't...


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Oh my...that always ticks me off when my DH says something nice about someone who has made my life hell...hmmm...but be careful next time...although I have to say, I'd probably do the same...jeje...

Good luck...

PS - payback is always there anyone he doesn't like that you could say something about...hehe...My DH would sometimes say something about "BM" is a nice person, blah, blah...even though she treated me like garbage, was trying to get money out of us all the time, blah, blah...eventually I just once said "oh, my ex-husband was an ahole, but he was great cleaning our place...I didn't even have to ask him..." HE NEVER AGAIN said anything nice about the witch...

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What did he say that was nice about her?

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So funny Middlemom.. I thought the same thing. Manda what did he say... and also WHY did he say it ? How did it come up?

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I have a punching bag and boxing gloves for those moments! Bought it 2yrs. ago for myself as a b-day gift. Not only do I get to take out my anger (in a safe way, LOL) but it helps me purge the negative energy. I must have a lot of it, cause I'm in better physical shape than I was 2 years ago also. Smile I hope your hands get better soon, I'm sorry he (fh) pissed you off. ~ " I'm awful sorry you got pissed, just have to cross you off the list, of my true friends." PHISH~

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I love boxing for that very reason... and it does get you into the best shape ever - with really nice arms!!

*** A rainbow just threw up on me... and now I'm sh*tting glitter! ***

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I love that stick! I get so mad about his ex too that I want to take it out on something... The washing machine is
Always better however bm would feel a lot better!