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I’m just done being his mom

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I love my SS I do he’s 9 I’ve been in his life since he was 3. I thought it would get easier the older he got. I know he had his problems with the ADHD and learning disability. And I can handle that it’s his mom influence it’s her voice and words and attitude coming off of him that I can’t handle. It’s her using him and him being her pawn. I just can’t take it anymore I just want to stop being his mom. Because I don’t want to start hating him. But he says things and has such an attitude and I can’t say anything to him without him having an attitude. What do I do just stop talking to him all together? Idk what to do 


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Well, that's an easy fix, because you weren't his mom in the first place!  Let your husband deal with HIS child, you get to step back and disengage. 

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Hon, you are not his mom. He has a bio mom. She may be crappy  but he's got one.

Where is the boy's father? Why is he not caring for his child? Is custody 50/50 or what?

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you are not his mother,  you will never be his mother,  he has one.  If DH wants visitation let him handle SS.