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new here - just filling you in on the details.

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*sigh of relief*

I've found it. I know that you know what I mean. After lurking on here, reading post after post for the last 48 hours, I had to participate. I've felt isolated for far too long. Being a stepmom can be such a lonely island. I would not trade my DH for the world...but given the option, I would probably tweak the situation just a bit.

I have a 3 year old stepson and my first child on the way. SS3 does not live with us, but frequently has 3-4 day visits. His BM is a piece of work for sure...I can't say she's worse than some of yours, but hell. She's pretty bad from where I'm looking at it. She has plenty of children (only one of which belongs to my DH) but not enough money or common sense to help her situation. You'd think that this is where a job would come into the picture...but no. No, that would never do for her.

I'm too tired to go on...I'll just piss myself off. I'll continue to read whats going on with you guys until she leaves my husband another ignorant voicemail and I come back here to complain about what a bad job she does raising SS3.


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Welcome to the website. Hope it provides you a safe haven to vent. There are some awesome ladies here who give good advice. Good luck to you and hope your situation begins to get better. Please don't let the stress get to you since you are expecting. Congrats on the bundle of joy in April.

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Welcome, we all truly understand the sheer frustration you are dealing with. Sad