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What's a good way to tell SD she should be on BC pills?

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My mother told me I should talk to SD and tell her I think she should be on BC pills, considering I know she is sexual active, even though I'm sure she'll deny it. What is the best way to bring it up? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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just make her an appointment to get a pap smear and have the gynocologist talk to her about it.

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focus on the benefits, it helps with ache, cramps, and making sure the cycle is consistent. If you are nervous about the "sex" tell her if she is it will protect her future and if she isnt then she wont have to go to her dad when she is.

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My SD was on BC. I know because we got the bills. She was bound and determined to be with a boy that BM did not approve of.

As far as I am concerned, when she got pregnant just after turning 16, it was deliberate and done to try to make BM allow this boy to stick around.

I would NOT think that a teen who is irresponsible enough to have unprotected sex is responsible enough to remember to take a pill every day.

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Going with that, maybe suggest Depo or something that doesn't need to be taken everyday

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"Honey, now that you're whoring around, you need to take some pills so at least you don't burden the rest of us with your unwanted crotch droppings."

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just tell her u know she's putting out and needs to be on the pills cause u dont want a mini-sd running around.

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That really is a chat her mother and father should be having with her. Or if her mom isn't involved in her life, her dad and pediatrician.

I definitely think you should bring it DH. You could begin by saying calmly that you want to help SD, and there have been things going on you think he should know about as her parent. Calmly state that you think she might be having sex with boys (if he doesn't already know this) and you don't want her to end up in a situation where she has a child before she's ready. You want her to be able to enjoy her teens and twenties. Let DH have his say, too. Find out what he thinks can be done to help SD.

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Her father lives in la la land AND anything I say about her I automatically hate her in his eyes.

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Screw telling her, just start grinding the pills up and sticking them in her Cheerio's. Ha.

Yes, not realistic I know...sadly Sad

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You all crack me up! I had the talk with her an she "promised" she wasn't having sex. She said they were fooling around with her in her bra and panties and him in his boxers. I told her even if they are rubbing against each other now, one day it may just happen and then what is she going to do. I told her if she ever got pregnant she would have to go live with her mother. I told her, I am scared she is going to get pregnant and SHE has to tell her father (but I will be in the room) that she is sexually active and she WANTS to go on BC. I said if I say anything it'll be a fight and she agreed. Then I told her how it helps with her period and she liked that idea. She said she actually read about it and was discussing it with her boyfriend anyway. I told her I will take her to a gyno, because that's the only way she can get them a pedi doctor doesn't do that.

I asked her when she and the boyfriend are fooling around where the boys mother is, is she sleeping since she works at nights? She said, she's in another room with her door closed and their bedroom door is closed. I DO NOT LIKE THIS!!! I think my DH should know what is going on, am I wrong? This girl is going to become pregnant before we get her on these pills, I have a feeling.

Next ?, ladies, how do I tell DH this is going on when he freaks out about EVERYTHING dealing with how his daughter can do know wrong.

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Leave a couple condom wrappers in her room and bathroom, let him draw his own conclusions. Avoids the classic, "you just don't like her blah blah blah" crap.