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the begining

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new to all this and its sad to say that it took almost two years to be within five feet of my stepchildren. its worse that nothing is final. we are in seperate houeses two days out of the week. i read and read to see if anyone else has a compicated stepfamily also to get info. not all of them are with us the oldest has the hardest time and i understand that. i have two kids also that are around the same age and its nuts because i see a VERY BIG difference between them. im not saying im a perfect person but im one that doesnt like to even use the word (HATE). i try not to have any bad/negative actions or phases towards my own children and its sad to know that my stepchildren are expose to it all the time.


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Thank you for the welcoming...

your right about the small wonders of GOD..

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I don't know if this is the same person, that everyone is thinking of. This account has only been active for about a week. Does seem odd.

Original Poster, there used to be a member on this site called lovesthemall, needless to say she was a pain in the rear, and people are not too fond of her. I am just hoping you are not the same person.

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really... thats sad... but im really new to all of this and i googled stepfamilies and this is what popped up... this is a new account.... dont worry people im not here to trick anyone or start n e trouble... its just my situation is not common and this was the only way i could find so kind of info or idea with what im going through...

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You'll find plenty of situations that are awful on here. Some of them make you glad that you have your problems instead of theirs! I know I'm glad I'm past all the 8,10 and 11 year olds that I started out with.

My skids are 17, 20, 21 now and THANK GOD OUR MARRIAGE SURVIVED!

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wow... i have 16, 6, and 4 skids
my kids are 15, 13 and 1yr. with my bf and another on the way....
like i typed earlier.... nothing is final... thats y i say its really complicated.
whats worse my skids are told im the reason for all the problems. i cant even think about
marriage. some of the reasons our relationship is getting through this my, bf and i known eachother since middle school the friendship, love, understanding and most importantly communication is there...

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Was it really that bad? All the other names I tried were taken. I guess I'll think of something else.... Thanks for that tip...

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I don't think she is the same person just the way she types and yes op you should consider a new nae Smile sorry but as the others have said it was not pretty with her.

Welcome anyway and I hope you find this place a good place to vent and get info! Smile

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i've tried looking into changing my user name but i cant.
thanks for the welcoming....
so far i found this site to be informative and i way for me to see
that their are a lot of others out there in much similar and wosrt
situation. if iwas to use this place to vent it would most likely be about
the BM of my skids.... but i try not to cuz she is just selfish and chiddish...

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yup.... his soon to be x is really fighting it she doent want a divorce... they dont even communicate often and have to use their lawyers for that and they havent lived togethr for two yrs+ and she still doent want a divorce... she thinks its a game and divorcing would mean she lost and she wont have it...