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Smells like rotten food

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I came home yesterday, something was off. I noticed all the windows were open, fans were on. I walked by SS14’s side of the house, his room which is right off the living room which he has also claimed for himself.

Me: I hate to say this, but something smells, do you smell that?
FDH: Hmmm?
Me: No, really. I don’t know what it is, like rotten food.
FDH: I was thinking maybe there was a dead animal outside. (serious)
Me: No, it’s inside. I hate to ask this but does SS14 wet the bed? It might even smell strongly of urine.
FDH: Maybe, I don’t know.

It is important to note at this time that the entire house has hard wood floors and in the middle of the living room there is an area rug. I look down and see a huge discoloration in the dark colored rug. I point to it. As my FDH pulls it up we see it is soaked in a liquid.
FDH: Oh, SS14 must have spilled some water.

Me: That isn’t water, water doesn’t smell like rotten fish.

FDH rolls up the rug and takes it outside, I try my best to soak up the liquid out of the hard wood floors. As we do, it is evident the wood is warped and the varnish is soaked through. After it is cleaned, and it dries there is a huge 4’x4’ area in the middle of the living room floor that not only is warped but the varnish has come off and the wood is completely stripped.
I don’t even know what to say. The floor is completely ruined. Turns out he dropped some sort of Asian fish soup (the dried up kind you add water to) and didn’t even bother to pick it up. I can't even say how long it was there soaking into the floor. SS14 has lost all privileges to be home alone. He now has to have adult supervision at all times because he isn’t mature enough to take care of himself. I am all for consequences but it’s just getting to the point to where I can’t even have a normal relationship. He will be starting a special needs school in a few weeks. I’m just trying to hold out as long as I can. I can't help but to feel like FDH needs to do a little more to address this issue.


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Oh, yes! That is a given. There will be no food allowed outside of the kitchen/dining room. Heck,if it was up to me, he wouldnt be able to eat at all! lol

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My SS has a cat and rarely cleans the litter box even though I have told him he needs to do it once a day or at least every other day until I am blue in the face. The smell is unbelievable, I don't know how he can live with it. It hits you in the face like a blanket as soon as you open the door. When he had a room in our house I got on him because the smell would seep out into the hallway, but now that he is in the guest house, if he wants to live in a hideous odor the he can live it up! Though he will be paying to de-smell the place when we move out and will pay me back any of the deposit I might lose due to the disgustingness.

Boys are gross.

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I am sure our next conversation tonight will be how to repair it. Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it.

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Sorry to hear you have to deal with enuresis, although I'm not totally convinced that there isnt some of that going on too. Sigh.