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The spoled drama princess has crawled out from her cave and is rearing her ugly head

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by pretending that everything is ok now. After all the vile things she had to say about me and FH. Saying she would never live in the same house with me again as living with me was hell. He just let her worm her way back. Now she is pretending to be nice and he thinks she has accepted everything and is on the road to acceptance of our relationship... There were no consequences to her behavior from FH. It is so frustrating to watch the cycle begin again.

Why can't he see that her behavior is a ruse because she wants something? He believes that he made a stand with her that I was not going anywhere and she had better accept it or because she is being nice he thinks she has accepted it. How can this be when NOTHING was talked about? There are no concessions on her part. Granted she has just ignored me and pretended I don't exsit, but she hasn't gone out of her way to be unusally cruel to me yet, but I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Last night she gave him a movie and said her I thought "you guys" might want to watch this - so he was on cloud nine because apparently that means she has accepted me again... Well I don't give a rats ass, I want an apology for the horrible things she said and did to me. Is that wrong?


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no one else wanted SD23 to live with them so now she is back...I wish he would have said here is how it's going to be. And laid out the rules. Well I have already told him that if she starts that crap again then all hell will break loose again. I am not putting up with her crap any longer. I have also made it a point to not buy things she eats and to put my WII away so she can't use it. If I am non-exsistent so are all the things I provide to the household. She can put that in her pipe and smoke it for all I care.

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At 23 she shouldn't be living with either of her parents!! Sounds like DH and BM raised an "entitled" and dependent, of age, brat and not an independent, productive, self sufficient young lady.

Sounds to me like "tough love" is in order and SD is in desperate need of a crash course in "adulthood" and "responsibility". Personally, she and her stuff would be skidding out my front door..

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No, it absolutely is not wrong to want or even expect an apology! I am not sure how old your step kid is but the art of apologizing is taught and expected by the end of the toddler years! At least with all three of my kids it was..Apologizing is just as important of a social skill as "please", "thank you" and "excuse me". And yet its the one skill so many parents fail to teach!

I go through the same thing with DH and Step Snot...The shit head will do something crappy or say something snotty or rude to me and not apologize. For instance, stealing something from me and when caught red handed trying to lie her way out of it.

Sugar daddy dealt out his typical punishment..A 30 minute lecture, a few threats and that's about it.. Three days come and go and they both are acting like nothing happened. During that few days I had mentioned to DH, more than once, that I feel she at least owes me an apology. He says, "I don't want to make her apologize because then it wouldn't be sincere." (In my parental book part of correcting a child is to bring about enough punishment to spark "remorse" and therefore a sincere apology.Oh but wait..he didn't even punish her!!)

She finally comes to me and apologises three days later..And 20 minutes later is asking me to do something for her. Ummmmm..NOPE!!! I don't do anything at all for her and only speak to her when I have too..I wouldn't piss on that brats teeth if her gums were on fire!!

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I absolutely agree with you. My oldest moved out of my home at 20..She is now 24 and a single mom to two kids. She owns her own home, owns a nice car, works her butt off, and takes care of herself and both her babies with no CS at all.

My kids are expected to move out of my house by the age of 20. They are also expected to pay rent,utilities, food ect upon turning 18 (a small amount set to drive home the point that as an adult you don't get "a free ride".) Between 18 and 20 they had better have been working and going to school or taking some kind of job training so that they can provide for themselves by 20...Cuz they don't live with mom after 20, period!!