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Ugh -- Food Fight? Really?

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My bio boys don't live with me and I live with DH and SD16 and SS22.
Two weeks ago SD16 wants fruit. So DH goes a buys her five cans of fruit of which she ate half a can.
Yesterday, SD16 brings cereal and drinks home. I assume from her BM's home. Idk....

So last night, my boys, by some miracle of God, spend the night. Big deal for me.

This morning, by BS16 opens cereal and eats. Opens can of pineapples and eats. I think, "Hmmm...I hope that's not a problem." But I say nothing because I buy food for our home and skids EAT EVERYTHING!!! Sometimes I don't get an Oreo! Or a Sprite Zero! But I don't bitch, whatever.

DH comes home for lunch and I commence to eat the rest of the pineapples. I tell him, "BS16 ate some of the cereal. Hope that's not a problem." "Oh, she (SD16) can't get upset over that."

He and I eat pineapples. Then he says, "When you go to the grocery store, buy more pineapples so they're there [in the pantry]. You can buy the WalMart brand; they're cheaper."

What does that mean, " they're there.?"


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I have been bitching. About every other day it's something different. I try to pick my battles, but I can't win for losing. I'm so tired of this shit. I feel like everyday is a struggle to be happy and at peace.

Why did he have to say that? Then he wonders why I have issues with her. It's comments like that that make it hard for me to deal with these skids.

Last night, SS22 spilled some yukky stuff all over the front porch and it splashed all over the front door. Did he clean it up? Hell no!!! I have to do it. Did I bitch? No, I just did it. I'm such an idiot!!

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Well, he DID tell me to buy the same ones. They ones we ate were WalMart brand and that's what he told me to buy. I said to him, "So I have to replace the food I eat?" He got pissed and said no, don't buy anything.

But if DH doesn't think it would be right for SD to be upset about us eating the stupid pineapples, why do I have to replace them?

I hate this fuc&ing life!!

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I do not buy food for our house. I stopped that about 3 months after SS moved in. DH buy and does the groc shopping now. That way I don't implode when I see SS drink 4 soda's at one sitting. I don't get mad when I see him eat a whole jar of pickles. I don't get mad, when he opens a bottle of water and takes two drinks and then pours it all down the sink.

DH does not like it, but tought titty. BUT, he is also getting annoyed at all that SS eats and wastes. It's funny how it is different if it is his money going down the drain.