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When Bio Parents Are Clueless AF

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Ok so I have a kid free weekend and you mean to tell me you are so clueless you can't figure out how to arrange for your kid-free weekend so we can have adult time together?!? 

I'm most likely going to ditch my useless partner this weekend (until I can leave for good) while he runs himself ragged playing Mr Mom /single Disneyland dad so I can engage in guilt free adult only activities where I'm not hassled a million times a day to cater to some obnoxious clingy kids. 

I hate it when child-centered bio parents are this clueless and codependent on their kids for their existence to the point they need to be around them 24/7


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Guilt is a powerful motivator for them.

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That's exactly why he can ruminate in guilt ...... as a SINGLE Disneyland dad 

I refuse to stay longterm with someone who lets his exwife and kids run his life and wallet. 

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Skids know how to play daddio like a fine tuned fiddle.

They are shown that if you disrespect daddio and  punish him you get to go to Disneydadland.

A vicious cycle. A dysfunctional cycle that carries these skids throughout life. 

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Exactly! My, DH's and our marital therapist all said that when Disney Dad jumps into action to "get his kids to love him," he only reinforces what they do. They get continually rewarded for their rotten behaviour. Our marital therapist said it's why Disneyland Dad Syndrome and Mini-Wife Syndrome have such shitty prognoses. 

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Yeah that's what pisses me off about step-parenting with (what I have recently discovered this dude to be....) a disneylad dad

Can't win for losing. Try to teach this dude a lesson (you will get straight up IGNORED if I don't feel respected as a partner because I feel like a guest in what is supposed to be my home, that I contribute to WAY more than those entittled skids) and instead of him learning anything (well maybe he's learning that I don't want to bond with his kids or him but he's not connecting my reaction to his over the top dysfunctional disneyland dad parenting) ..... his kids are getting a peaceful house without me there to be 'strict' on them (stay up all night till your eyes bleed cause fun disneyland dad has no concept of instilling non-lazy values in his already lazy entitled kids)


I feel sorry for these skids when they hit the real world......but whatever, pretty soon this will not be my problem to waste mental energy on

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Luckily I was otherwise engaged during skid bday weekend that she never spent with us, and we just made out own plans.

No guilty daddy syndrom here!

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I love it when clingy codependent skids stay at their mother's house. 

Don't have to deal with the guilt riddled disneyland dad dysfunction as much....

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those were the good days......

I tried to improve myself and manage skids but it's next to impossible if their bioparents are not well-adjusted emotionally/mentally