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Don’t Bring That Mess In Here - Pt 2

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Holding disrespectful skids and their inconsiderate bio parents accountable.....

Delusional No-Boundary Guilt Riddled Disneyland Dad decides to feed his aggressively needy kids food at 10:45 pm (after I reminded him earlier in the day to give them a meal so they wouldn't be hungry late-night and be disruptive by foraging for food during quiet hours  

When I called him out on it he tried to intimidate me into silence by yelling at me and complaining that because I requested his kids to be in their rooms and out of the common spaces by 10pm and because I refuse to allow him to disturb my peace by talking late night non-emergency calls from his demanding kids, I had "too many rules".

I FIRMLY detailed how his (AND his kids) behavior was rude, disrespectful, and inconsiderate and I refuse to tolerate it and told him to get out of that room; take his mini spouses calls in another room where he will be sleeping, cancelled Sunday plans with him, and informed him I will be spending my weekend enjoying myself without the baggage he is bringing.








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This idiot tried to gaslight me and say "oh you're mad my kids are hungry" 

B*tch stfu and feed your kids dinner at regular dinner hours like most sane parents do. 

Fed them lunch at 3 pm, ignored my request to feed them dinner before 9-10pm when he had plenty of time to do so, acted willful obtuse about his/his kids behavior, then tried to yell at me when I held him accountable for his sh*tty inconsiderate parenting

Not today Satan!!! Don't bring that mess over here!

We're taking accountability today!

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Him and his kids can go live in a zoo or the wilderness. No rules there!!!

But I agree. The comment about rules was so ridiculous and immature I felt immediate rage when he made that stupid a$$ comment. 

What kind of delusional nut job expects to live in society (and raise well adjusted kids) with no rules?

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"Why don't you love your kids enough to prepare them for the outside world? Not doing so only caters to your selfish needs - you want to be loved but all you are doing is ruining their chances to live a decent life."

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That's what I was thinking too. 

This dude is so insecure he uses his kids to satisfy his fragile ego. So afraid of not liked by his kids that he is incompetent as a well-adjust parent and desirable partner. 

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At least he's realistic and not delusional about it

The dude will probably be the spouse fill-in for his kids because there is no way any self-respecting person would want to deal with his lazy needy no-boundary snowflake kids that he's raising 

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Yes he is being realistic but why would he want to think that this is okay to have children like that. Who wants their kids to grow up to be losers. 

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My only rules were 

1. clean up after yourselves (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom)

2. take your a$$ in your room and be quiet after 10pm

3. If sick kids sent over (I prefer they opt out) they must quarantine to their room AND dad sanitizes. 

4. Use indoor voices inside

5. Take your non-emergency after hours calls with your kids or whoever in another room (I prefer those skids only call between 8am-8pm)


Someone please tell me I'm being irrational with these rules or the bar is set that low for this incompetent Disneyland dad 

I'm not an "anything goes" or "gentle" parent. I don't want to live with/clean up after people who let their kids act like wild animals 

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These rules are perfectly acceptable and ask for basic respect and politeness.   Unfortunately guilty daddies don't like boundaries or rules.

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We'll see how unreasonable they are when I walk tf out on his a$$ and leave him with his failed first family. 

I'll be moving on to greener pastures, more peace, a CLEAN ORDERLY house, weekend free, and no disrpectful skid/exwife/disney dad baggage while he lets his entitled kids turn this house into a damn zoo and run off any viable women so they can trauma bond and canoodle to their hearts content.


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Your real problem is.  He not going to change. SK can be 30 Yo and married with there own kids and they are still going to come first.  He will be giving them money, food, anything you own to keep them happy.  He will be taking SK and GK away on vacation. Paying for it wild you are hone working for the money..'

Nothing wrong with being MAD at SK. Or Hating SK.  Nobody likes spoiler people.   But you must get on with your life 

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He won't change and if he does it's super temporary  He lacks boundaries, accountability, and seems to be lacking empathy for me  as he pretends not to understand how to be in tune with my needs/wants/etc (he especially uses his kids to tread my boundaries when I'm sick, when it's an important holiday like my birthday, and more) 

I had a discussion about me wanting independent adult kids and he was silent. I could tell his maladjusted behavior would not end when his kids turn 18 and I don't want to deal with the weekly battles from him, his skids, and ex

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He was silent because he knows how hard it would be to raise his kids to be independent adults.  He is too scared because his kids may not like what it would entail. 

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The bar is set so low with these degenerates. 


I'm fn leaving soon so they can have this no-structure, no boundary, mediocre a$$ lifestyle

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What's happening with you moving out by the end of the month? Your husband and his children won't change and you can't change them. But are you actually actively changing your situation? 

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^yep doing what I can to do so despite several obstacles

I know I'll have so much more peace and burdens lifted once the dead weights are gone.