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Countdown (Cont. Pt 5) He FINALLY Took Them OUT!!!

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Today. I told the dude exactly what I told his daughter last night - to wrap up the common area takeover after 10pm and if she woke up early she was welcome to ride to the sports competition with me. He thanked me for offering then explained she intended to do a play date this afternoon. While I would have gleefully done what I said I was going to do, I was silently relieved that I didn't have to 'cash out on my offer'. 

In Denial Disneyland Dad called while I was out this am saying "we" will be out a few hours this aftenoon. I was thinking 'oh great hes gonna take just his daughter out then force me to be responsible for his son without my advanced consultation/agreement. And who is "we"?' But I didn't probe because in the past he would get easily offended anytime I (imo rightfully) asked too many questions about his custody or anything regarding his kids behavior/schedules while they're in this house. 

Well come to discover he took BOTH of his kids out with him for a play date. THANK HEAVENS!!! Tired of them being bumps on logs laying aroud this house all d@mn day/night just about EVERY weekend. 

I tried not to laugh as he

  • ranted about how he wished their mother would do these playdates (guess it's too much work/money)
  • struggled to set boundaries with daughter by telling her he wasnt going on a spending spree (she got a pissy attitude then he backed down)

If he had planned better, instead of his frequent last minute skid-demanded outings, I could have showed him how to save money/time on his playdates. But noooo f*ck me I've only have several years more of experience than he has. Oh well, not my problem to worry about since it wont impact me anymore. 

While they're gone I was able to cook a healthy meal, pack a few pantry items, rant on steptalk, and work on the moving checklist. With his new schedule and my new schedule, I am not able to discreetly pack as much as I can. My fault I should have started way sooner. Hope the movers are too pissed they gotta help pack the day off lol. But at least more people will make it go faster. 

Also I am realizing that I foolishly provided like 90% of the home goods so I've been tring to pack stuff while not making it so bare he notices and starts asking too many questions. One time he rode in my car when I had several clear totes in my backseat and starting asking too many questions like 'what's all this?' and all I could think was 'look, turn your mf - ing head around, look straight ahead, and stop asking so many d@mn questions' but I lied and said it was junk donations for goodwill. 

I have had a couple of weeks to not think about this so much but today as I procured totes it started hitting me again that my reality is going to look a lot different (I have faith it will be for the better) in a very short period of time. 

I decided to go with holiday totes vs packing boxes just in case. 



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will be a way better reality. I'm so excited for you!

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....then he brought them plus the skids friends back

OMG they were loud af and disneyland dad did not supervise them and clinged to me then almost launched on his whiny diatribe about he is has been without sex and he was tired of it but I requested he change the subject to wait for better time - stall tactic)

Then the kids parent ncp didn't want to pick their kids up so Disneyland dad complained but that's his d@mn fault for last minute planning plus using the kids as planners running the play date operation.

Then when right before he had to take these kids back one of them fell (I told the idiot disney dad not to let these kids run around her like effing wild animals but do you think his a$$ listened?)

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Go to Walmart and buy a 7-day Monistat pack. The equate brand is around $6. That will buy you some time. If you're susceptible to cold sores, tell doofus you have some in your mouth. *biggrin*

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This is gold.


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It is. 

Only downside is this idiot thinks yeast infections are STDs (because he's stupid and one of his associates cheated on his wife. Later he got a rash on his penis, freaked out, then doctor told him and his wife they most likely both had a yeast infection) which yes they can come from irresponsible sex but they can also form organically from bad diet, too tight clothes, thongs etc. 

Im still gonna try it and to hell with his ignorance 

LOL @ the longest one the -  7 day treatment pack

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I plan to do the "7day monistat treatment" plus the "I'm seeking treatment for low libido medical disorder" (either way he looks like an a$$ who is so oversexed he can't handle partners medical conditions) then let him launch into his diatribe after Thanksgiving when I'll be mostly packed up and RTG 

Then I'll just agree with everything he's saying(how being a relationship with "infrequent" sex doesn't work for me either so this must end) and walk out permanently shortly after while he's busy at work

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7 day treatment doesn't always work. You may need another! *dirol*

Counting down the days!

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Only a 10 days left.  You haven change anything in years. You are not going to do it in 10 days.  Good that ge took them out. In ten days he's going to be with them 24/7.  Just think of your new life