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Countdown (Cont. Pt 4)

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Cannot wait to have my own space MINUS Disneyland Dad and weekly skid takeovers 

Disneyland dad got a new schedule (so did I) so currently there is no downtime to give me peace in this house and he is picking them up earlier and earlier to the point there here being loud obnoxious bumps on logs while I'm still working from home. 

He went from picking them up Friday at 8-9pm (due to his old work schedule) to being off work on Fridays (I now don't get off until 7:30pm Friday) and I used to value my old schedule off Friday at 3pm and his old schedule off at 9pm so I had a few hours to decompress after work without them being loud as sh*t roaming all over the house 

Anyways last 3 weeks he's gone from 8pm pickup to 6pm pickup to now 4pm pickup 

All while stating "those kids want to come over now is that cool with you" 

Typical waiting until the last minute to alter his weekend custody at the demands of his kids, posing a statement as a question as if I really can say "B*tch do you run the house or do your kids run it? And No I don't want want your loud ass kids here until I've had some time to get off work and chill for a moment so can you stop being cheap and take them OUT until I'm done with work"

Also he recently admitted (in addition to providing his schedule) his kids (and layaway plan pr0stitut3 by proxy) are tracking his location as well. So yeah they all know when he's off and see him at the house all day and instead of simply telling them when he will pick them up he lets his kids / exwife tell him when they want to be picked up, blow up his beck n call hotline, demanding to be picked up instantly 

Why tf would you give these clingy ass demanding kids/exwife that sort of intel?!? 






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Ok. So I guess he's trying to get them before dark but FFS just say "during DST I'm going to pick them up before dark now" 

Anyways thankfully they're quiet and I'm going to probably order DoorDash and wine and retreat to my room (Disneyland dad better leave me alone and tend to his kids) so I don't have to deal with loud people in my space after work 

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Trying not to work myself up over stuff that is not going to be my problem anymore soon. 

Going to order some storage totes and work on extrication planning so I'm RTG on moving day

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I wish he'd take his ass downstairs and take care of/cling to his kids so I can have a moment after work to unwind ALONE!!! FFS


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Thank goodness he got the hint and left the room to take care of his kids. 

Now I can eat my DoorDash and drink my wine and have an introvert moment of peace

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Hang in there.

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Gads. You are working​​​​​​. Can't he take them to McDonald's or a movie or the zoo? I'm sure the zoo doesn't want them... Big ol' poopie head. 2 weeks, lady. Minus 336 hours and counting!

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Thanks y'all. Whew I need it. 

Might have to enforce tonight since Disneyland dad is oblivious to his obnoxious kids being obnoxious. 

Me and kiddo have to wake up early am for sports competitions and one of the (what I think is more than reasonable) rules is "you don't have to go to sleep but you do have to go to your room at 10pm" 

I have a 10pm quiet and in your rooms rule. 

By this time I think everyone should have eaten, entertained themselves, winding down with minimal noise. 

I'm not running a 24/7 zoo I expect these people to have some home training. 

Disneyland dad held the rule for a good 3 weeks (after I bitched about him allowing his kids being disruptive at night) 

But I guess since he's not getting sex he doesn't care to control his kids. 

He told his daughter (who is the repeat offender) that he was going to sleep and to go to her room. 

His gullible ass thinks his "perfect" "angels" don't ever lie to him. 

Well she knew how to be quiet then when she wanted to get her way and stay in the common areas all night thinking anyone wouldn't know. 

This is the final weekend im dealing with these entitled obnoxious skids and im enforcing!

Either he will wake his lazy ass up and tell her to go in her room or I will march my happy a$$ down there and give her the discipline her idiot parents fail to provide. 

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Ya it's like who cares now do what you want... Get them in trouble

BTW I had the same rule as you the kids had to be in their room and quiet by a certain time. Same as you... The step kids disobeyed the rule and I became the bad one when I pointed it out. One time his kid came to the kitchen (past the be in your room time) and was grabbing a bag of chips right in front of us to eat there... And I reminded him it's be in your room time, so he gets all soft and says.... Oh.... It's ok... Honey you can just take the bag of chips up to your room..... Grrrrrrrrr

You'll be free of it soon and gain your quiet time back 

Oh and ya my SS would have 2am video chats where he'd yell at people over the phone in drama fits... Good times 

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We have the same skids and Disneyland bio parents 

This dudes son was (what I believe intentionally defiant) down in the kitchen past "kitchen closed at 9pm and you should have eaten before now" hours. 

When I told clueless Disneyland dad to get control of his ferals, he walked downstairs (unbeknownst to him I was right behind him observing his weak "leadership"), and all he did was look at him and f-cking smile. 

Like itchB ain't nothing funny about your overgrown feral son eating like this is a 24/7 buffet wasting crumbs n sh*t all over the kitchen floor I just cleaned and CLOSED for the night. That why your kids are obese. 

I don't do domestic violence but ... I had to walk away from passive parenting Disneyland dad because I wanted to wipe that smirk off his face then mop the kitchen floor with his a$$ 

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Warned him I was going to enforce quiet times if he didn't. He pretended to be asleep so I went into living room and said politely but firmly that she has a very short window to turn off the living room tv and continue her all night tv marathon - in her room. 

Offered to bring her to the competition with me if she followed instructions (went to bed on time so she could wake up on time) 

Depending on how well she follows instructions will determine whether I hardcore disengage or not the remainder of the weekend. 

Ultimately IDGAF either way because thanks to Idiot Disneyland dad I'm leaving  

Next weekend their breeder is shockingly going to actually do her job and take them out of town for the holidays

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Did it! 

This mf so damn scared of his kids like wtf?!?

Had me scared for a min too but I'm like wait why tf am *I* scared of a kid?!? I'm not scared of losing custody and I'm not a Disney parent where my whole existence hinges on whether these kids like me or not. And I'm especially not scared ones that if worse comes to worse and they got violent I could kick their a$$ if need be.

Should have overridden his scary a$$ - and enforced as I saw fit - LONG time ago  


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Yep who cares    do what you want.. Your house... Be boss! What's gonna happen lol. Quiet time rules for your house they're not in charge... 

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Weeks you will never see those kids again. So it's noy6your problem. Not your circus.  Just think how DH will be, next month, when he has those kids by himself.  With no one to buffer between . Only can do so much damage to cardboard boxes 

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Skids and ex layaway plan pr0stitut3 by proxy having way too much intel has been THE major issue this entire time. 

These mfs be knowing more than I do. 

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One time my husband was sitting with my daughter and his daughter when they were younger. I came in, like I always do when its just my kids only, said it was time to head upstairs and he gets mad at me... Cause...... Wait for it.... His kid!!! Omg like I cant tell HIS child to go to bed... Or she can stay up later than everyone else???? 

I gave him hell later saying I'm mom.. I said it was bedtime like I always do so support me! Geeze Louise 

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Well if these Disneyland parents are too p*ssy to do it then someone's got to do it. 

Can't be letting kids run the house ffs 


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Guess his daughter told her brother what I said. 

He came out of his all night gaming marathon cave to close the living room doors

The problem is not just the noise it's the "I don't want kids roaming around my house all f*cking night like this is a d@mn rave/24-7 buffet/24-7 entertainment center..." 

Its also the problem of his kids have nothing to do the next morning except lay around like bumps on logs so sneaking around all night doing god knows what is like a disaster waiting to happen. 

Skids want to stay up till their eyes bleed and roam around the house all night. FINE! .... Do that at your breeders house!!! Or better yet GET A JOB, pay your own bills, get your own space and do wtf y'all want in YOUR house  not in mine!!!

*Anyways it's the last weekend I have to deal with skid takeovers.

**His son gonna get this enforcement too he keep playing. 

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This is all too familiar sounding...  How old are these kids btw

I have a great inkling my skids roamed liked little ferals at their moms house that's why they tried to act this way at my house.. Cause at moms it was a zoo.. Their mom was afraid of telling them no. She let them do what they want, resulting in feral-type kids with no structure or boundaries 

Thankfully it will all be over soon. Hold tight... The freedom is coming 

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Old enough to know better but since they have little to no home training they're resistant to change even if the change is positive. 

11 (his daughter) and 15 (his son)