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A Bunch Of Neurotic C*nts....

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No I'm not even talking about the skids or clingy disney dad

I'm talking about my employers.

So far I haven't had much of a problem (which I attribute to working remotely which I believe cuts out most of the toxic work culture) until today......

For some reason, (this usually happens to me at damn near every job) the managers wake up and decide they have a vendetta against me. 

Right after I get an email with an offer for a leadership position, the very next day my direct manager tells me there is a meeting to talkabout it and gives me the log-in. Then a few minutes later the district manager messages me in group chat, says hello (I say hi back) and gives the exact same info. 

Well the other people in the group are like thanks for the details. 

I already saw the details and said hi to make my presence known. So I thought my previous responses were enough. 

But then the District Mgr messages me twice after this (which I didn't see or hear) asking me to reply. Obviously I would have replied if I saw/heard it. 

My direct manager is like 'hey reply' 'shes the top of the line manager' ....


Just because shes the district manager does not mean she isn't some power hungry sociopathic neurotic micromanaging c*nt....

Why didn't the lady start the message with 'here is the details reply yes or like this to confirm' ? Why couldn't she send an email with adequate time to respond that includes a read receipt? 

So I'm supposed to read your mind that you want a reply? I already told my direct manager I would attend the meeting so why tf is she coming through making me do twice the work and being petty af before we even get to the meeting. 

So I realize this beast is scrutinizing my every move so I show up to the meeting early. 

As usual, a dry ass waste of time meeting with no real helpful info so as soon as they say to leave, I leave and go on break. 

During break, I can hear my computer dinging and I end my break to figure out wtf they want and my direct manager is losing her damn mind, saying she didn't know I was on break (um lady we all take break same time every day), she's about to end my time for the day, and accuses me of not attending the meeting (because c*nty district mangager - who wasn't even at the damn meeting her damn self - lied and said I wasnt at the meeting) 

Y'all know I keep receipts (I guess at this point I'm so used to dealing with narcissist mfs that I stay ready with my documentation) 

So I took screenshots of the meeting with timestamps and all and forward them to my direct manager while she's still accusing me of ignoring the district manager, grilling me about what the meeting was about, and badgering me about not asking enough questions in the meeting I (according to them) never attended. 

What a bunch of neurotic c*nts!!!!

I hate when you're trying to get ahead in life and there is always some demon in human flesh waiting to sabotage your success. 

Not today Satan!!!! 

I got income stream #2 developing and (after today) I'm going to add looking for new employers to my checklist ..... just in case they want to keep playing toxic work troll games. 


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I will add the time between when District manager sent the message, told on me for not replying was like no more than 5 minutes......and this was an invite to a meeting that was thrown together last minute with 1 hour notice. 

Not my fault the b8tch is too incompetent to plan a meeting in a timely fashion then trying to throw the blame on me for not responding in miliseconds. 

I am reliable, always respond in timely fashion, and yet this one ahole can come through and ruin my pristine reputation because shes a miserable petty beast.

I feel so upset about her ruining my positive moment about going into a new role that I am seriously looking to job hop now - especially if I can procure better pay. 

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For the new leadership position, if you get promoted would they still be your direct managers? I'm sorry, whatever vendetta they all of a sudden have against you, they probably won't let go. It would be best if you start looking for a new job. It sucks that it comes during the difficult time of you ending your marriage, but then - it might be a whole new beginning of a new and better life. I myself have never had any regrets changing employers.

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Yeah that's kind of what I was thinking

The pay isn't that great. I mean I'm glad to have an income and benefits but I really need something more for the lifestyle I desire.

Just frustrated that this one incident (that I feel was beyond my control) is something the District Manager (heck my direct manager because she kept harping on me about it) most likely will not let go seeing as she blatantly lied about me not attending a meeting after harrassing me for not responding fast enough (when I didn't hear or see the notification).

I suppose I won't be getting much sleep with so many tasks (replacing a dude, replacing a job, replacing living situation) on my plate but I'll make do the best I can.

I just want to be left alone (without c*nty managers, clingy whiny dudes, obnoxious skids, etc.) for the next few months 

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Does everyone work remotely?  or just some people?  Would the new role allow you to work remotely as much?  

This is probably a bit of the fallout of your manager not being able to "lay eyes" on you.. and the flip side of avoiding in person drama.. is also the lack of ability to build some kinship with your coworkers and management.

I have worked with the same people for over 15 years.. so when we went remote.. the relationships were forged.. but I can see how being totally remote.. when others aren't is likely to hold back someone's progress... the relationships and face time.. just isn't as easy to do.  

And.. it sounds like you may be a bit more passive on these calls/meetings.. leading others to feel you may not be engaged.. or even on the call.

For what it's worth.. I would work on increasing your presence in these meetings.. ask questions.. restate things to show understanding and basically show you are "there".. physically.. mentally.

But it does suck when you get tangled in misunderstandings.

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You're spot on

Yes most people are working remotely with cameras off. All of the roles I've had with this company are remote. 

My manager was like 'why didn't you speak up / stay later in the meeting to ask questions?"

I felt compelled to give a fake apology (even though I didn't think I did anything intentionally wrong) but as you mention, I will actually be a bit more proactive in meetings because it can be easy for others to think you're not present if you just sit back in listen only mode without contributing even something minimal like 'great tips' or something at least in the chat box. 

It's just a bit frustrating that I actually do these things in most meetings, but one isolated un-intentional incident can totally ruin someones pristine record 

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have always been a huge part of work.  With a dozen hour +/- time differences it is the only way to facilitate geographically divers team meetings. 

Doing those on conference/call tool solves much of the issues.   Most did not require active cameras.  To avoid the who is there, who isn't there, etc... issues we would post our name and location in the message field so that the scribe could take attendance.  We would also start every meeting with active cameras so everyone knew who they were on with. As presentations/discussions started we would disable cameras to view slides, data, etc...

If we had to step away for a call, or a bio-break, we would post a note in the comment field when we left, and when we returned.  That way anyone keeping attendance knows who is in the meeting and those trying to play the "you were not in the meeting" game can be mitigated.

That way, we avoided this very crap.

I hope you can get this under control or find a better place to work.

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Good points. I used to work independently so I am getting used to the high level of structure and accountability that I didn't have (and maybe rejected) before

I reluctantly started posting in chat everytime I leave my desk, texting/messaging the manager EVERYTHING (better to over communicate than under communicate so they can't come back later and complain they didn't know something). 

This particular meeting I arrived early and never left the meeting nor my desk. I am curious as to who took the attendance that day and how the sl@ve driving district manager came to the conclusion I wasn't there (despite the fact SHE herself wasnt there). I halfway think she made it all up as a passive aggressive move from what she interpreted as me 'ignoring' her message earlier that day. 

Whatever, I think it's kind of blown over for now.....or so I hope.