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I don't care!!!

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Just saw red today and haven't for a long time. 

Back story is- my dd 4 and I bumped into her classmate in a store recently, and the girl reluctantly said hello like dd was crap.  Then this little specimen and her mother bumped into my dd with our childminder in a park this week and neave, yea I'll call her by her real name, was so horrible too dd and Co, that my childminder called her mother out to get off her bench stop sucking on her vape and sort her clan.

Tonight I'm feeling particularly protective and (probably projecting but ss always like it) of dd who, as childminder says has a heart of pure gold, she rushed up to ss 10 who she hadn't seen for a week and says ' look x, OUR pinata for OUR party (hers) n he just puts his hand up and says I don't care!! SHUT UP I DON'T CARE.

Like listen to me dad, listen to everything my fos shit stepdad has told me about the history of the Isle of Wight!! (all incorrect)

I couldn't help myself, triggered, I just said loudly if you can't humour her for 1 second, don't come to her party and don't you dare speak to her like that again !!!! 


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Pretend for a moment that SS was her full sibling. No one would look at a parent sideways for putting SS in his place if he was being that shitty to a younger sibling like that. If I said that to my sister as a kid my parents would've done more than just shout at me. So why should steps get free passes for shitty behaviour?! Good on you for standing up for your DD. She may not say anything but I bet she'll remember this.