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Temp. Parenting Plan

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Our attorney met with Moby on Monday and shockingly they actually worked out a parenting plan on Monday. We fully expected her to drag it out for as long as possible. So the new parenting plan is 4-6 on SO's days off, and Saturday 9 am to Sunday 5 pm. This is twice as many hours as the previous arrangement allowed up.

Our lawyer had an interesting comment to make about the additional time, Moby got a restraining order against SO because she was afraid for her and her child yet two weeks later she lets SO have more time with the child she's afraid for. Also, Moby submitted a parenting plan that required SO to have supervised visits that were to be supervised by SO's parents. In her declaration she said she called for a welfare check from the police because she was afraid for her child even though she knew that SO was at his parent's house with SS at the time. So, she's afraid for her child when he's with his father and his grandparents but that's who needs to supervise their visits because SO is so unstable?

I'm actually pretty happy that she and her family submitted their declarations. They contradict each other so much that the judge is going to think they're morons. Their timelines are off by several days, they have no exact examples, and they are almost (All but, I think, two) based on heresay. Also, the examples that they do have are atleast 2-3 years old and is only having to do with SO and Moby. My sister made a good point, "SO isn't trying to get custody of Moby, he's trying to get custody of SS. They have no examples of SO treating SS poorly. So, why did her family turn their declarations into a pity party for Moby?"

Excellent point, sister dear.


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Judge will trow out almost all of that. You will come out smelling like a rose in this. Do you get any extended vacation time in this agreement? Good luck and enjoy your extra time. Oh, and your sister made a very smart comment. I hope your attorney makes the same remark to the judge.

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This is just a temporary parenting plan until the judge rules who has what. It'll last about a month.