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Ready for the whole holiday season to be OVER

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I used to really love Christmas, getting the house decorated, watching those special (to my family) movies, baking cookies...

Now, I'm done. I have worked my fool tail off to make today special, and I really feel left out, neglected, unappreciated--by the whole family, bios included.

1. I was up until almost 3am because SD10 wouldn't go to sleep, was waking up SS12...I understand that Santa is exciting and all that, but UGH. Santa would have delayed his trip when I was growing up.

2. DH and I agreed that if the skids were up before 7, they could check out what's in their stockings but had to wait to open presents until 7. He woke me up at 5:15 because they were up and wanted to open presents. I haven't even had a nap, I'm running on caffeine and ill thoughts at the moment.

3. I started cooking at about 8. BS17 helped some. I worked pretty much straight thru in the kitchen until food was done at 12:45. In the meantime, DH has slept the day away, except for letting the skids leave to go to one of their Grandmothers around I cooked for 6 people but only 4 were here when food was done (not that they would have eaten anyway). Guess who got to clean up also...

4. We aren't supposed to have the skids tonight. Guess what...they are here and planning to stay until mom gets off work tomorrow. Joy.

5. I spent a ton of time figuring out what to get DH. I bought him a couple of things he specifically asked for, as well as a few other things I thought he would like. He went shopping for me yesterday. I received 2 gifts. They are nice and all, but he spent weeks shopping for the skids, I feel like I was an "OH @#$&" afterthought. I had to fill my own stocking also, guess it was a good thing I had bought my own favorite candy at Target just in case.

Now, every room in the house is a wreck (except the kitchen because I cleaned it up after lunch). There are toys on every flat surface outside the kitchen. Boxes, papers, wrappers, empty capri-suns thrown all over the floor. DH is holed up with one of the skids watching them play a new game. I know if I don't pick up all that trash it will be there for weeks. Same for the toys. And then there's all this decorative stuff that needs to come down.

Merry Christmas. Pass the tequila.


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Thank you ever so much. I come here to vent/whine/bitch/whatever you'd like to call it. I'm glad you pointed out to me that I am using the site for one of its intended purposes.

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Somethings wrong with her. She is so mean to people, makes fun, call people names, etc. I can just image how lovely her home life is. Lol

I guess it gives her family a few minutes peace if she's own here belittling people.

Now watch the crap storm start.....

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I understand those of you who are saying I could have done something about the way the day went. Sure I could--I could have griped and nagged and made everyone somewhat miserable instead of letting them enjoy Christmas while I worked on getting things done. And I do realize that some of that stuff isn't important and didn't need doing right then, however I don't like living in a mess, it stresses me out. So I did what needed doing and vented here instead of letting it all out at home.

As far as DH sleeping, there was a combo of reasons for him doing that, and I decided to let him sleep. I wasn't happy about it, I'd rather have spent time with him and had his "help" cooking, but because of the big picture I let him sleep. Heck, he's sleeping now too...I'm an early riser on a normal day and he just isn't.

I am grateful for the life I have. Sometimes I just have to gripe about the things that are bothering me, petty though they may be.

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She was venting, Sue. I'm not sure you get to define how each of us vents, right??

Cut her some slack.

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Most of the posts on this site are people who jump with both feet into a mud puddle and then complain their shoes are dirty .

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SDs, BMs,husbands are called jealous here all the time. Why is it wrong to say a SM may be jealous as well? Hell, some have even admitted that they are jealous of their SKs and/or BMs.

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I really didn't expect this to blow up the way it did, especially about someone else's comments.

I came here to vent. That is all. I made a list of things that had caused me to be ready for the holiday to be over. I appreciate all the input, positive and negative. I in no way was intending to say that my life is soooooo much worse than anyone else on the planet. My post was a selfish about me and only me vent. I don't come to step-talk to voice my feelings on tornado victims, flood victims, Syrian refugees, or anything beside my family and me.

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I do not think Sueu2 is a bitch at all. I think she is a very bitter and disappointed woman who believes that women let themselves be shafted. And all too often they do.

Where I differ is that I NEVER put up with s&*( in my life and resent the assumption that ALL women are victims.

I am almost 70 and NEVER suffered from discrimination because I REFUSED TO DO SO.

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That's kind of funny that you think I am bitter and unhappy. I am probably the most content person here. My life has been unbelievably successful, and I am so grateful for it.

I do believe in not tolerating shit from anyone. The difference between me and many other women is that I just never even considered tolerating crap. And I truly believe that most women agree with me. Most women are NOT content to be victims.

I was raised in total abject disgusting poverty - but by a very young age I was determined to rise above it. As I often say I was not raised in a low income family - I was raised in a no income Appalachian poor family.

Maybe because I went to one of the most influential women's colleges (50 years ago)I was used to being with women who knew how to take care of themselves. I do not believe that women are weak little nothings who cannot speak up for themselves.

There was a great Dilbert cartoon a few years ago where one of the dominant women was doing something and one of the coworkers said "Oh you must have gone to a women's college".

I still really disagree with the concept that women are weak and let others trod all over them. Some do - but most do not.

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I do about 80% of the time - but I do not believe that ALL women are weak and accepting of crap. What I disagree with on her is when she says absolute things like ALL women do xxx. Some women make really crappy stupid decisions but most do not.

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You're lucky you had the OPTION not to suffer from discrimination. Many had to choice in the matter. I have a feeling you never had to worry about being lynched for refusing to be discriminated against.

What in the world does discrimination have to do with the OP's vent or Sue's comments???? :?

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I think you are thinking of discrimination as only being racial - which I totally understand given where you are coming from. Not sure of your age - but I have seen hideous racial discrimination in my life time (I am almost 70). I would NEVER argue that racial discrimination did not exist. Because it really did. And it was HORRIBLE. But I do not think anyone has been subject to lynching in the past 20-30 years.

But sexual discrimination was mostly self inflicted - at least by the late 60s.

I do not look at woman as victims. Not in my adult lifetime.

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Ok let me say what Seue is meaning in nicer words. It is a holiday, let it gooooo. Nothing will happen if there are piles of toys and trash and bags and everything else until Monday. Life will go and and be just fine. Let everyone relax and enjoy your holiday. There is no reason to be getting all bent out of shape.