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Sometimes BMs dumbassery knows no bounds

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SD6 keeps getting sick. She's probably missed about  4 weeks or more of school because of that and BM takes her out of school to see family.

I know it's only kindergarten but it's all fishy and weird . DH has had to pay for urgent care 3 times this year (DH is waiting on insurance - BM is self employed)

Today SD comes over. She's coughing and  raspy . I ask her if she went to school today. Nope .But she went to the zoo with BM...


The zoo?!? For a kid that's too sick for School ?!? DH has this whole " we can't control what goes on there" attitude but when the kid comes here sick she gets us sick. The zoo is not a place for a sick kid to go .They have a membership so it isn't like this is a special thing for them

Plus he wants to get custody of her when we have a house. Great- she'll be 8 and a nightmare because she's used to if she's sick it's fun time

Also she got sick Sunday . DH drove over to BMs to see her which I think is a little much. It's sweet but it's a cold not cancer. He also brought the kids kinder eggs cause they asked. Soup , juice sure but candy? That'll totally help and not encourage you to drop everything and visit for no reason

Yikes. Some bio parents need parenting courses..




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Works better than cough syrup for those ohlegmy coughs but i agree that a sick kid shouldn’t be in public places. If she is sick she is in bed sleeping and taking meds and eating a special family recipe of soup

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So now when i’m phlegmy i don’t bother about cough syrups, they do nothing. Some yummy belgian chocolate and i’m coughing mad but it gets the deep phlegm out. Just an excuse to have a nice stash of some exotic chocolate on standby lol

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Was the zoo trip a school field trip?  It’s possible since it would be that time of year.   

But I get it...Some parents think kindergarten is just like daycare.  It’s just as important as the rest of their schooling if not more.  If they get behind from the start it is very difficult for them to catch up and on their self esteems.