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Update to bedroom issues with DH

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First of all thanks so much to all that commented with advice and reached out thru PM on my last blog. I was feeling very lost and down.

DH and I actually had a really good weekend, in and out of the bedroom lol

This tends to happen where things seem to be looking up for a short time so I decide to not ruin the good momentum by talking to DH about the issues that are bothering me but I decided not to do that this time.

Last night I calmly told him that although the past weekend had been great I had really been struggling with things and wanted to find a compromise or fix that we could both be happy with. I know that a big issue is my inability to create and be firm on boundaries for myself, and that makes it impossible for my DH to not cross those boundaries! I explained to DH that I wanted to go to individual counseling to get my head straight first and figure myself out, but that us going together would be an end goal to find a solution.

He was very supportive told me of course I should go if I feel that I need to. We actually hashed out a few things that I feel will make some decent improvements for the time being. I feel very releived for the time being that we might actually be able to work this out, only time will tell I suppose.


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I am so glad that you were able to talk through things with him and that he is being supportive!