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So lawyer advice

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When we hired this lawyer she promised us all kinds of results. Second pretrial, basically NOTHING is being changed, except that psychopantsbitchface ex wife publicly badmouthed both DH and me in a court of law, told a judge Dh didn't care about the kids etc etc, which was not relevant anyway. All we wanted was to change the visitation schedule. As soon as we had the info from the kids daycare it was clear that what we wanted was not possible at this time. My question, why didn't our lawyer get this info right away? Why did she let us drag this out and go into huge debt? When she knew we didn't have a chance? Also why did she let bitchface bring up character witness type stuff (which amounted to basically "here's a lot of unsubstantiated opinions based on how much I hate him")? What can I do about this? I feel betrayed by the lawyer, i feel she lied to us. I feel she should have had that info first and told us what to expect, instead of a year later and two pretrials being like "too bad!" I also feel she should have objected the crap out of irrelevant slandering on the stand.
Ugh i want to cry.


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Tell the lawyer that....They need to know when they are ineffective. Maybe it is better for the next person.

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You can take it to the licensing board. There is a chance that if they find your lawyer did not represent you in a fair manner you can have some of that money returned.

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She saw $$$$ signs thats why she agreed to take your case.

One thing you should find out before hiring one is what their case load is like. Mine had an excellent reputation but was too damn busy to get the job done right. My kids lost out so much.

A good judge sees through the witness crap your BM pulled so there's no reason why your lawyer would bash her. She bashed herself just fine and made you guys look like the tolerant agreeable ones.

Hang in there.

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I read something recently that talked about the lawyers being a big part of the dysfunction of Family Court. The bad ones choose money over everything else and will do what they can to continue the conflict rather than trying to do what is best for the child(ren). Then they can charge more.