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FDH and Talk Vs. Action

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My feelings regarding FSD9 are somewhat complicated. She was raised in a way that I don't necesssarily agree with and as a result her interests are mainly playing video games, running wild, and talking about herself. When FDH and I try to do kid oriented activities with her she is ungrateful, lacking in manners, and a general pain in the ass. However, she has been nice to me lately and I do my best to be warm and tolerant while still encouraging good behaviors.

MY FDH and I were discussing her behavior. IN HIS OWN WORDS he described her as, "whiny and with no manners". This sounds terrible but hearing him say that made me so happy. It seems that in the past few weeks he has been disciplining her more and might finally be taking off the Guilty Daddy Goggles.

I simply nodded when he said this. I don't want to "turn him against" FSD I just want him to recognize her improper behaviors and correct them. These past few weeks have been like a glimmer of hope, yay!