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Do you find you resent skids more because they are f-ups and that keeps BM in your life?

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SS22 totally is a drug addict. Walked out of rehab (AGAIN) in December - DH cut off his health insurance. Good for DH. Have not heard from SS22 since - - good riddance IMHO.

So last week SS22 and his drug addict girlfriend found it funny to post on FB that SS22 is dead. Turns out it was a hoax. But this latest round of drama brings BM back in the picture with all her drama.

I really hate this kid!


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I just sometime resent skid because of his manipulation of DH. (Not as bad as most of your skids though)

And I also resent that SS still thinks that BM is the GREATEST thing to walk the earth. She saw him a few times a year when he lived with us from 16-18. Then he went into military and she is MOTY! Makes me want to slap both of them. She is now the military mother of the year. And she brags and brags and brags about HER son being in the military and how much she misses him. Bitch…you NEVER posted how much you missed him when he lived here with us and you lived in BFE. Oh no, she could not do that because then people would know that her kid did not live with her.

Whoops…got a little off target there! Lol.

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karen, I've been reading your posts and they're helpful because we're going through the same things with SS 19. He'd been in trouble a lot as a teen (arrested 4 times and truancy charges too). BM is a non-parent and she kept most of the truth from DH with him finding out everything after the fact -- he wasn't allowed to be a father. SS came to stay with us a couple of months ago with the idea he'd get a job, work on his music career (he's very talented) and go to school eventually. We live in an awesome college town known for music. He had two friends who were going to come down with him. Sounds good, right? Fresh start, all positive...

Instead we got a black-out underage drinker who lay in bed for days and make barely any attempts to look for work. His last gift was getting arrested the day before he left for underage drinking. He's run home now with the "plan" to join the Navy having "tried" to make it here and failed. The twisted psychology of it all! I told DH to tell his family (they all live near each other) the truth and to STOP enabling him! Over the past 2 months, family sent him spending (I mean drinking) money and bought 4 one-way tickets as he bounced back and forth while giving us lip service that he was going to be living here. Very bizarre.

He's not welcome here now. It was painful to me; I can't imagine how DH feels. If it was my kid...!?

Oh, and to answer your question--I resent BM. DH had no idea his son was such a hardcore alcoholic. We thought he was just "dumb" for getting arrested--I mean most kids party but 99% of them manage not to get in trouble.
We honestly thought (according to what SS said) he was coming here to get on with his life.