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Scary thought

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I know I sound paranoid but BM has been surprisingly quiet and normal lately I feel as if something is a brewing, or can i actually be lucky enough to have the insanity finally stopping? If only she would now put her son first life might be bareable... although in great related news my SS8 went from a 60 in spelling to an 83 we really figured a way to help him learn I was so proud. However his mother was boosting to the football mothers about her hand in it a week ago, except I do all of his spelling homework with him... funniest part was my SS8 over heard her talking and said "you didnt do that Kate did, she was the one that taught me..." I was dying inside and to see the look on her face and the other mothers was priceless. Karma really is a bitch...


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we think she is a manic depressant which from my understanding of the dis-order is a crazy bi-polar roller coaster. I wish there was a way to keep her away.

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Garlic doesn't me.

She stayed away from us when there was new man, she was serious with. But when she was wildly dating or between men.....she was a butt pain.

Then we took her back to court.....shut her up for good.

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In our experience we enjoy the "quiet times" as much as we can. They always come to an end!