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BM is being so cooperative! This is a shocker.

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DH has court in a couple weeks and BM was just served about 2 weeks ago. DH asked if he could have the kids on a day that is not his (they have already detoured from the original agreement) so he can take them to his family Christmas party. Usually she never lets us take them (it’s not our day, so in a sense I get that), but this year she agreed and even said he can keep them the day after (her day) until it’s time to return them to her next week! This never happens so I’m just wondering if it’s the upcoming court date that has her so cooperative or if we’re making some progress (naive of me). She did ask for an extra day in January, but my DH has always been accommodating. Anyhow, I guess we’ll see how things go after court!!


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No boyfriend that we know of, but the kids have mentioned some new person. Lol So maybe she does. I am glad she’s being cooperative, but also have my guard up. Lol

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My guess is that she'll be cooperative until the court date is finished and she didn't get what she wanted. Then the crazy will ramp up to full volume again.

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The BM over here is exactly this way. Oh so accommodating and sweet and understanding...right up until court is over with or she’s gotten what she wanted. Then it’s back to crazy town with the pedal to the floor.