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imgur -- ewhhh

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Considering how we can't add photos as glibbly as we might wish. I went to IMGUR. Never used it to post but looked at photos -- such as Monchichi's wedding.

I click on it & one of your SS's face appears.  Golly, I know this one --- scraggly beard, hat backwards, lumpish --- pot & beer or just general failure-to-launch.  if I remember correctly, this SS is not ignorant. That photo? Wow.

Trying to post a pic for Tankh -- incoming rescue mare. Horse, not boat.

How do you all share pics safely?



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Same here. 

I do not upload photos of my children to Imgur, though. 

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The idea of a bunch of strangers seeing photos of my boy ? Made me nervous. I have always denied the right for his school or the dojo to use photos of him on their websites as well.

Now he is taller than I am, and likely up to shenanigans that I do not want to know about ...

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I would love to see photos on ST! Imgur is very easy to use and posters could always delete pix after a day or two.

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I'm pretty sure that is my SS that you are referring to.  I took that photo off of his public FB page.  So I consider it public. I have no problems with it being "out there".  But I understand how others do not feel that way about some of their photos.