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Update on our situation

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We were very pleased with the counter motion for custody modification our lawyer filed, and with the conversations we have had with him. All of the information and evidence is prepped and ready to go.

The court date was scheduled for 6 May, but BM's lawyer picked up a murder case and now the date has been pushed back to 14 July. Which works out better since SD will not be in school during that court case - and now we are building even more information against her to be used cuase of course she is back to acting a dang fool.

Of course now that the BM has received the countermotion - she is being very evasive with my DH summer visitation. He has followed the court order on notifying her (we even gave her a month more of notificaiton of the 4 weeks he wanted). She sent him an email stating that SD's dance camp takes precedent over his visitation.

So we called the dance coach. SD has a two week dance camp - one in July and one in August.

None of which fall on the dates he requested. So since she lied - we had the dance coach confirm in writing - and now we will take that to court as more evidence that she is trying to keep my DH from seeing his daughter and is in non-compliance with the court order.....

Yet again.


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It stinks that BM is being such a pain in the arse. Just keep documenting everything. And like you said, since she is acting a fool, it just gives you guys more arsenal.

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to have an attorney! We were too broke to. But it sounds like you are fully prepared - I hope it works out for you!!!!!!

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I am pissed we had to spend money on that lawyer. It was so un-necessary. We just got married last august and didn't have that type of money to spend on that.

We needed to keep that money to have something to fall back on - in case one of us loses our job or something breaks down.

We have kept her email that stated that word for word, "You need to work around her dance camp. Four weeks visitation is not the problem. I just don't know when or how you will get them."

we have asked for the judge to make her pay that money for the lawyer back... since it is completely un-necessary and all based on the lies she told at the counselor, school and lawyer.