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Another Update... Once again..... Seemingly Never Ending Story!!!!!!

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Once again had a hiccup in the case...... but never the less might be a good one.

DH deals with a deranged BM who has actively alienated him and his daughter since birth. They have had 5 or 6 reiterations of the court order with him getting more and more time and visitation and rights each time she has been found in violation of the court order.

Well in March of this year - they finally went to court on contempt "charges". BM had taken 9 visits by just not showing up at all and refusing to show in texts and emails. She was found guilty and the judge explicitly told her not to try her again. She was given a 30 jail sentence without the possibility of purge.

Well DH has been back and forth with her about every little thing... to get report cards, dance schedules, access to website, talk to her on the phone etc. But did not want her to go to jail and lose her job.

November - she decides to take his Thanksgiving weekend - Thurs to Sunday - because he had just had his 1st, and 3rd weekend of the month visit. Which is a big no no..... remember the contempt court order that was re-written again to state she was to not take any more visitation and abide by everything in the court order.

Well the court case was to be in December... but the judge had to take a leave of absence until January. So DH agreed to wait until the judge who has sat on the case for the entire 8 years to hear the second contempt case. Which was fine since we had our new baby girl 5 days earlier.

Now her father and mother had both called DH accusing him of being the one in the wrong for filing the case even though she has done wrong. Even told him to stop driving to get SD that was BM can not be held to the court order because she does not like to drive to the visitation meeting location. They drive 1.5 hours both to meet up to exchange the child. Which is appalling to tell a father forget about your child so their kid (BM) would suffer no consequence. Just sad. BM was an entitled child and now thinks all should follow what she wants. She wants to end visitation.... but wants to keep the $800 a month in child support. Of course how typical.

Anyways. Now they go to court 12 January. They Judge will be back on the bench. Hopefully this will be over this court case. It has been long and drawn out long enough. I can just bet if it were my husband denying her visitation or child support.... he would have been locked up months ago.... at the first case instead of the court order being re-written again........

Now BM is DH's bestfriend. It is just hilarious. Why a 35 year old woman's parents are calling her baby daddy to fuss like she is a teenager is simply sad and amazing. I guess she is thinking that he will just roll over and let it all slide. She is too funny and pathetic to me. Just sad!!!!

At any rate. . . . . I will update after the case on 12 January. Hopefully this judge will do what she put in the court order, send her court order violating azz to jail and remove custody from her. But it remains to be seen.