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Oh boy!!!! What will be her next course of action??????

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Well, it is the holiday season and things are brewing to get really ugly I am thinking.....

We have been having an extreme blast with SD over the past few weeks..... Thanksgiving was wonderful - and we put up the christmas tree together as a family (DH, SD, ME, BD, Sister and her kids) played music had pizza and ice cream. It was wonderful!

Well then found out BM filed a court case for child support that very wednesday before Thanksgiving the same day she had to drive 1/2 way to meet DH as the new court order states. No problem. DH called Child Support worker - explained to her the deal about child support increase being denied through Division of Child Support for 3 years and the denial through the Clerk of Court system in the Sept 09 court case.

Child support worker was unaware of this - she is a new case worker (of course requested by BM) and was not given the information. She explained her system only shows the previous Div of Child Support cases were just dismissed no reasons stated. WELL DH has sent her all of the necessary information. AND case worker has said that since it was written in the order that was signed by the Judge Sept 2008 and Sept 2009 - BM will NOT BE ABLE TO FILE ANOTHER CASE WITH THEM FOR THREE YEARS FROM SEPT 2009. YEAH!!!!! Finally some justice for my DH.

NOW DH is getting emails asking him about SD's uncovered medical expenses - and how she needs money for them. Well DH has told her several times - send him the receipts and she will receive the money pronto. No receipts ever show up. The judge told her the court order states she needs to give him the receipts and he has 60 days to pay the uncovered costs. Well BM attempted to say co-pays were uncovered medical costs - Judge said that was not true - and BM is responsible for co-pays and DH is responsible for 55% of un-covered medical costs.

When SD had a dental procedure done - DH drove down to NC same day and paid the $125.00 so that BM would not have to come out of pocket to be reimbursed. DH has not heard about anything un-covered during his conversations with SD's doctor's on several occaisions.....

But however DH has gotten two emails and a couple text between Friday and today asking what is he going to do about the unpaid medical costs. There is no mention of how much it is? There are no receipts. DH and BM see each other every other weekend.... and she will not hand over the first receipt.

SD is with us for the next two weekends and 26 Dec - 3 Jan. I am starting to think she wants this extra money for spending money of some sort - or wants it for christmas money. she has already gotten $800.00 in child support for the month. What else could this chick want or need. Geez! We have to buy for SD and my daughter here for xmas. We were diligent enough to ensure she got her support early before christmas - and this greedy woman still wants more.

Not this time. DH already talked with the lawyer and he stated - this was already handled in Sept 09 - Court order was final. If something else comes across the court in reference he will file paperwork to have it dismissed.


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Well if the order says your DH has 60 days from the date of receiving the receipt, then she's SOL. No receipt, no expense. That easy.

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yeah DH has told her that several times... But she keeps filing court cases - 3 since September 2008 for the same thing - uncovered medical expenses.... and Division of Child Support and the Clerk of Court continue to allow her to file the cases... and DH has to show up for the case to be dismissed each time.

This year - Division of Child Support has decided to make her abide by the signed court order - stating she can not come back for three years.

Now I am sure she will file with the Clerk of Court - hopefully they will uphold the court order from Sept 2009.

********She doesn't have to love me or even like me - it doesn't change a dang thing..... So get over it and move on BM!************

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the bad part is that ours does not give a time frame for BM to give the receipts - just that DH has 60 days to pay it.

I wish it did state she only had 30 days to hand over the receipt - then she would not be able to keep coming at him with this bull crap.

********She doesn't have to love me or even like me - it doesn't change a dang thing..... So get over it and move on BM!************

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BM tried this with us. She sent a handwritten note with SD16 of all her expenses, then cut it in half (DH's portion). However, she only sent ONE receipt, for $30. So DH sent back a check for $15 and told her he needed receipts to reimburse for the rest. We haven't seen a thing, makes me wonder how much of that she made up to get more money from us! (In fact, some of the expenses she wanted him to reimburse her for were ones she hadn't even paid yet but was anticipating. I don't think so!)

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My dh stands firm with his ex wife about receipts. Give a copy of the receipt or no money...doesn't matter if she already paid etc..etc...she even tried to charge him the full cost of a late fee charge for extracurricular activities...he didn't pay it. Just gave her the half of the main bill. She was pist and he told her, it is her full responsibility for the registration since she made the decision to begin with to put sd in activities..which are suppose to be discussed between them but never are and since she was too abscent minded about the date its her problem not his.
You guys are lucky, you have it in riding..its just such a shame your dh has to take days of to go straighten things out. I suggest that since the court order is in place for 3 years and she keeps filing and they keep bugging you guys , you should take her to court for harassment and sue her ars off!

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yeah, it's just sad. However our BM has a tendency to go off when she is not getting her way....

I am sure she is plotting right now what she will file against us next. Child support did not work - no increase was justified, Medical Expenses did not work - no receipts, so what will be next.

My only thought would be she is going to go back to alleging we abuse stepdaughter again. Thinking she will choose a different counselor and lawyer and go for the gusto again...... Come January - just like she did this year - right after Christmas.

********She doesn't have to love me or even like me - it doesn't change a dang thing..... So get over it and move on BM!************